Rough Riders Riders of the Storm #6: Review

Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm #6: Review By Ashish Thomas It’s here the final chapter In Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm is out 9/27 its a doozy...

Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm #6: Review

JUL171313 Cover

By Ashish Thomas

It’s here the final chapter In Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm is out 9/27 its a doozy and the team may never be the same again.  Before we get to the issue check out our reviews of Rough Riders #1 here and Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm here.  The Team has been through a lot fighting against nefarious forces.


So its here the last issue of the  Rough Riders: Riders of the Storm arch, as the issue opens we find out that the anarchy plot was a red herring. The Rough Riders were fighting the anarchist’s while the Queen and other nefarious forces were trying to take back America. It was the plot the whole time. Unfortunately, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders are in the way. The battle between Queen Victoria and Teddy Roosevelt was a doozie a fight for the ages.


Meanwhile, the rest of the Rough Riders are fighting other British factions but is caught by an electrical device. Thomas Edison it seems has changed sides, but again all is not what it seems. Thomas Edison’s devices knock out the villains. Edison double-crossed the villains it turns out Thomas was still part of the Rough Riders but was trying to find out who was stealing his inventions Thomas Edison explains.


However, Annie Oakley and Thomas Edison are still at odds, and she vows to kill him. The team then sees Teddy Roosevelt fight Queen Victoria and goes to help him. Roosevelt discovers how the Queens weapon works, Edison works to deactivate the weapon. Unfortunately, Teddy will be caught in the explosion luckily for him Annie Oakley saves him.


Later in the issue, we see that the Rough Riders have thwarted the Queen and Britan’s  attempt to take over America. The team reconvenes talking about the events. Teddy Roosevelt tells the team the mission must remain secret for the greater good. The Team is not happy with this decision as it seems the powers that be lying to the people causes the Rough Riders to go there separate ways.  Roosevelt continues as president, and the issue end’s with a shocker. In order to find out what the shocker is you must buy the issue this Wednesday.


Rough Riders, Riders of the Storm #6 continues to be an excellent comic series. Rough Riders pulls off something most comics miss it’s an enjoyable action adventure while also being serious with the issues the Rough Riders fight. Adam Glass is one of the best writers in comics raising to new levels with each Rough Riders. Pat Olliffe’s art is magnificent and beautiful. The art showcases how larger than life Teddy Roosevelt was at the same time show his personal side. The background and action sequences are breathtaking making the Rough Riders one of the best comics in AfterShock Comics line.  Excited with the announcement that more Rough Riders are coming until it does catch up on Rough Riders Riders of the Storm.


ROUGH RIDERS: RIDERS ON THE STORM #6 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color 
Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Patrick Olliffe
Color: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Sal Cipriano
Publisher: AfterShock Comics 

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