Rockcandy Mountain Vol 1 Review

Rockcandy Mountain Vol 1-Review By Ashish Thomas Hobo Fights, The Devil, The Rail Road what more do you want. Let me start this review by saying I am a...

Rockcandy Mountain Vol 1-Review

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By Ashish Thomas

Hobo Fights, The Devil, The Rail Road what more do you want.

Let me start this review by saying I am a big fan of this series. Kyle Starks is an awesome person if you haven’t check out our interview with Kyle Starks here and our review of the 1st issue here. Rockcandy Mountain volume 1 collects issues 1-4 of this fantastic series.


So Let’s get into Rock Candy Mountain Vol 1:

Here is a recap of the Vol


In Rock Candy Mountain we meet Jackson, a man in search of the Rock Candy Mountain yes the mythical mountain from the song.  It seems a lot of people are looking for Jackson the FBI, the Devil so to get away and continue on his Journey Jackson rides the rails. Next, we meet a man from California looking for passage to Kentucky to get home for work. Pomona Slim has had Bad Luck his whole life and meeting Jackson makes it seem his luck was turning.  Both of them are riding the rails when the hobo mafia boss jumps on the train. The Hobo mafia boss is known as Boss Flimbo or Marion it seems Jackson has had run in’s with Boss Flimbo. We find out that Marion’s Father owns the Railroad which allows Flimbo to come to power. Boss Flimbo wants Pomona to pay the Hobo fair which results in Jackson and Hobo Mafia fighting, Jackson takes Marion’s ring and Pomona and Jackson jumping off the train.


Meanwhile, in another part of town, we see the FBI Agents discussing that case when Boss Hoover informs them that Jackson has Government property and they need to get it back. At the same time,  we see Pomona with a bunch of Hobo’s who anger him by taking his sandwich. The Hobos warn not to go to the Gehenna train.  Jackson greets the Hobos thanks them for watching Pomona and goes on their ways. As Rock Candy Mountain continues, the audience gets what we all came for the Hobo Fights. We see Jackson and Pomona go to a Hobo Fight Club an underground fight club where Hobo’s fight each other. It appears Jackson was banned by Black Orchid from the fight club for costing her too much money. In order to fight Jackson disguises himself as Dog Nuts. The reason for Jackson return is that Jackson needs the Champ Hundred Cat’s skills as a cat burglar.  We see several rounds of Hobo Fights till Jackson and Hundred Cats are all that’s left. Before the fight, Jackson reveals that he is Dog Nuts and agrees to throw the fight if Hundred Cats helps him. Hundred Cats agrees. Jackson reveals to the crowd that he is Dog Nuts. The bettors bet a lot on Jackson. Black Orchid was pissed, but after Jackson lost the fight, it made Black Orchid money. After the fight, Black Orchid treats Jackson to the Prostitute room, but Jackson declines because he is married.  In another part of town, The Devil continues to hunt for Jackson going after other hobo’s


Later on, we see Jackson and Pomona leave the underground fight club where they meet Tramps who are considered no good. Hobo life hierarchy appears to go, Hobos, Tramps, and Bums.  Hobo’s have a code Tramps don’t, Tramps don’t work just travel.  Jackson doesn’t want to keep talking to them, but Pomona Slim does. We find out that Pomona is mad Jackson because he doesn’t share details of his life like he’s married. Pomona doesn’t believe Jackson about the Rock Candy Mountain, so Jackson shows him some magic and the compass.  We see the Tramps stealing from someone. They say when the Sun is shining, and it’s raining the devil is beating his wife funny because the Devil is there. The Devil destroys the Tramps, and The Devil goes after Jackson apparently Jackson made a deal with the devil making Jackson unbeatable in a fight.  The Devil tries to collect Jackson’s soul thinking he tricked Jackson but Jackson tricked the Devil and he leaves. The chapter ends with the FBI on the prowl looking for the spear and trying to find Jackson not finding either.


After escaping the Devil Jackson and Pomona continue to ride the rails. Pomona was angry about the money as Jackson gave the money he won away. As things go forward, we see at a stop the police arrest Pomona and Jackson. After their arrest, Pomona and Jackson get’s taken to prison.  In prison Pomona get his head shaved due to lice and that both are now in general population.  It turns out getting in prison was Jackson’s plan cause he needed to find a person Big Sis. We find out that the money Jackson won went to Big Sis’s mom. Jackson tells Big Sis that he is needed for something a favor after sending Big Sis’s mom money.  We see an old enemy return Marion Flimbo is in prison and has a bone to pick with Jackson for stealing his ring.  Boss Flimbo threatens Jackson which Jackson rebuffs saying Flimbo will do nothing. But it seems that Boss Flimbo is using his money to influence the prison and the guards.  Boss Flimbo puts a price on Jackson’s head for stealing from him. We see a prison guard who tells the prisoners and guards to wait till the Warden goes home then kill Jackson. Pomona speaks up and says the guards they have to protect them (Jackson and Pomona) resulting in Pomona getting beaten. Jackson then tells the Prison guard and prisoners that they’re in trouble for hurting his friend. The Prison guard shoves Jackson in Solitary confinement.  Before getting thrown in solitary Jackson ask’s Big Sis to protect Pomona. We see the prisoners go to solitary confinement where Jackson beats up all inmates who come to hurt him including the prison guard. Later Jackson, Pomona and Big Sis break out of prison. Pomona angry with everything that’s happened leaves Jackson and goes his separate way. Jackson tells Big Sis to go and meet him in 3 Days at a House with a yellow door. Meanwhile, in another town, Hundred Cats is waiting for Jackson when the FBI capture him and tell him they will overlook his crimes if he tells the FBI where Jackson is?


Rock Candy Mountain  Vol 1 ends here at the end a caption says Rock Candy Mountain to be concluded in Vol 2

Rock Candy Mountain is one of my favorite series at Image Comics. Kyle Starks has created an action packed and fun filled comic that can be enjoyable on many levels. The Mystery and depth of characters in RockCandyMountain make it a great read. RockCandyMountain is an adventure that I will follow in the end. I cannot wait to see if Jackson find the RockCandyMountain. The Art of Kyle Starks with the Colors of Chris Schweizer bring to life the world of Rock CandyMountain. The Art adds to the depth of the characters and is delightful to view. Seriously Hobos, the Devil, Hobo Fights, Riding the Rails what more do you want do yourself a favor and pick up this graphic novel on 9/27/2017 a great addition to any comic collection.

The Geeked Gods Score 10/10

About ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN, VOL. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0317-1):
-Publisher: Image Comics

-Comics shop release date: 9/27
-Bookstore release date: 10/3
-Written and drawn by: Kyle Starks 
-Colored by: Chris Schweizer 



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