Rick and Morty 10 Ten Moments… Don’t Even Trip

Rick and Morty is straight fire, dawg. Don’t even trip about th…the top 10 best moments for Rick and Morty, broh. We got this covered… Rick and Morty for...

Rick and Morty is straight fire, dawg. Don’t even trip about th…the top 10 best moments for Rick and Morty, broh. We got this covered…


Rick and Morty for a Hundred Years… (S1E1- Pilot)

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The pilot of Rick and Morty holds a special place in the heart of many fans, mostly because it begins with Rick nearly destroying the planet in a drunken stupor (let’s be honest, we’ve all been there) and concludes with Morty having to shove Mega Tree Seeds waaaaaay up his butt. But it’s the episode’s closing gag that takes the first spot on our list, one that involves Morty suffering the side effects of the Mega Seeds (mild seizures and complete loss of cognitive function) while a drunken, crazed Rick stands over him and rambles about the series of adventures they were going to embark on and it’s absolutely perfect.


Tiny Rick’s Tiny Song

tr tiny rick

From the episode where Rick decides to transplant his brain into the body of an adolescent clone so he can help Morty and Summer hunt a vampire that’s also one of their teachers…or something. Either way, Tiny Rick becomes the most popular kid in school and quickly brings Summer and Morty up to the top of the pecking order with him. There’s a really relatable speech in the episode that I’ve quoted irl (mostly while in traffic or to myself after a long night of getting Schwifty). But the best part of the episode has to be when Tiny Rick rocks out an acoustic jam about the dire situation he faces as an adult brain trapped in an adolescent body while his real body slowly rots away in the garage.




I’m Pickle-Rick! (S3E3)

Pickle Rick 1

There really isn’t anything I can say to make this better. This was one of the first clips of the third season that the producers released and it completely lived up to the hype. I was like watching the warehouse scene in Batman v Superman except instead of Batman kicking the shit out of everyone in the room it’s Rick as a pickle strapped into a mecha-suit made of rat parts.


The One True Morty? (Close Encounters of the Rick Kind)


This episode introduced fans to the council of Ricks as well as some of the finer points of the Rick and Morty cannon, mostly that Rick is the Rickest Rick and Morty is the Mortyest Morty. The episode ends with R&M foiling the plans of Evil Rick and Eyepatch Morty. This episode’s shock ending in which Eyepatch Morty is revealed to be the puppet master behind Evil Rick has spawned one of the more interesting fan theories to come out of a show that constantly hints at a larger series of events. (The theory in I’m referring to is that C-137 Rick is not really C-137 Rick. He took young Morty as an apprentice and taught him everything he knew which unfortunately led to a whole Luke Skywalker/Kylo Ren situation. Rick bailed on his Morty, because Rick is awesome at bailing on people, and took refuge on Earth C-137 out of view of Eyepatch Morty, the Council of Ricks and those dickhead bugs that run the galaxy.)




Sorry You Don’t Have Any Bad Memories… (Total Rickall)


This is my personal favorite episode of the show so it was hard for me to pick my absolute favorite moment, but I think the over the top realism of the ending really caps off this exercise in surrealism nicely. After a parasite that projects itself as a loved one in the minds of the people around it invades the Smith house, Rick is forced to lock down and kill it before it escapes and destroys the world. The monster spends the entire episode reproducing itself as a colorful cast of characters including but not limited to: Sleepy Gary, Photography- Raptor, Ghost-in-a-Jar, Cousin Nicky, Reverse Giraffe, Duck with Muscles and Mrs. Refrigerator. Morty eventually realizes that the parasite can only implant positive memories onto its prey and they use their dysfunctional history to remember the real members of their family. All seems well until Beth realizes that she has no bad memories of Mr. Poopybutthole and shoots him. Up until this point the audience had never seen MPB and we’re 100% meant to believe that he’s the final parasite but in a fantastic switcheroo it turns out MPB is real and a close friend of the Smith family. Many fans have pointed out that this is most likely due to the fact that the episode takes place in an alternate (and objectively better) dimension in which Mr. Poopybutthole has been part of Rick and Morty’s adventure’s since the beginning.



The Great Escape (S3E1 – The Rickshank Rickdemption)



After the shocker season 2 finale (more on that later) fans debated how Rick would find a way out of Galactic prison and back into his homemade space ship. There was a pretty awesome theory going around about Krombopulous Michael returning from the dead to save Rick that I was hoping to see. But what we got was all kinds of amazing. Featuring a guest appearance by Nathan Fillion as a bug-person that Rick tricks into releasing him from the first leg of his prison sentence (also he manifests a butt from his coffee cup to fart in his face).



Mulan McNugget Sauce


Take Off Your Pants and You Panties…Shit on the Floor (S2E5 Get Schwifty)

There is so much to love about this episode, particurly the whole thing about Ice-T actually being part of a race of elemental alphabetic characters. But the song that saved planet Earth (and my current ringtone) clock in at number four on our list. The product of Rick’s approach for relaxed songwriting gives Earth a crucial win in round 1 of Planet Music, a reality show that pits planet against planet to see who can write the best song (the loser gets annihilated by a giant laser).



1ghSGt s0vpJH4

Existence is Pain to a Meeseeks


I goddamn love Mr. Meeseeks so goddamn much. Remember when he wore the little golf outfit? For the uninitiated Mr. Meeseeks is an overwhelmingly positive blue creature that is blinked into existence at the behest of the holder of the Meeseeks Box. The user simply creates a Meeseeks, gives Meeseeks a task (like wash the dishes or mow the lawn), Meeseeks completes the task and then expires. The Meeseeks live a short but meaningful life and they take great pleasure in completing their mission and dying. But when Jerry gives them the seemingly impossible task of helping him improve himself (specifically his golf game) the Meeseeks engage in a sort of “Grey-Goo” scenario in which they self-replicate and continually ask additional generations of Meeseks for help in a helpless situation. Eventually, the Meeseeks all gather and hold a conference about their situation and after a brief but bloody brawl, they decide to confront Gerry about his shortcomings. The leader gives a speech about how Meeseeks are born for a singular purpose and every that their purpose goes unfulfilled is excruciatingly painful. It’s a wonderfully relatable scenario played out with adorable monsters that want to die. Classic TV.



Come Watch TV? (S1E8- Rixty Minutes)


I could have absolutely taken the easy way out here and named any one of the hilariously improvised interdimensional television shows in this episode. From the trailer for “Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running in a Van from an Asteroid and All Sorts of Things The Movie” to my personal favorite Gazorpazorpfield (now gimmie my fucking enchiladas, bitch) this episode is packed with quotable bits. However the scene that really takes this episode to another level has to be Morty’s morbid affirmation that he delivers to his sister as she packs to run away from home after finding out (thanks to Rick) that her birth completely ruined her parents lives. After revealing that he and Rick escaped their world (aka Cronenberg-earth) they replaced their recently deceased counterparts and buried themselves in the back yard. “Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody’s gonna die. Come watch TV?” Rick an Morty has become a rare gem that mixes lowbrow and higbrow and this scene really encapsulates that philosophy.





Rick Totally Bails… Again (S2E10- The Wedding Squanchers)


For a character who’s entire character arc that starts with “he abandons his family,” the finale of season two shouldn’t have come as any surprise. But it totally did.


After opening his heart to his best friend Birdperson’s marriage to Summer’s friend Tammy, Rick is betrayed when it turns out Tammy is an undercover agent for the evil Galactic Federation. Tammy fucks everything up and kills most of Rick’s friends in the ensuing battle and the Smith family escapes. After a short stint on the lamb Rick decides to do what’s best for his family and turn himself into the authorities, effectively freeing his family and being locked away in a hellish space-prison. Rick’s sacrifice wasn’t just out of character; it was downright blasphemy to the show’s usual formula of Rick not giving a shit and always coming out on top. Eventually we were overjoyed to learn that it was all part of a convoluted plan to get Beth and Jerry to get a divorce and also to get McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan sauce. And Rick got both of them. Because Rick always gets what he wants.














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