Reasons to Be Excited for Wonder Woman

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that Wonder Woman is hitting theaters soon.  The majority of comic book fans (and movie fans in general) are...

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that Wonder Woman is hitting theaters soon.  The majority of comic book fans (and movie fans in general) are super excited, and there are a lot of reasons to be! Here’s a quick overview of all the reasons we’re looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman this June.


  1. The cinematography looks beautiful in a way that no other superhero movie has. Those shots of Themyscira from the first full trailer? Gorgeous. Director Patty Jenkins has clearly put a lot of thought into the visual experience of this film.


  1. We’ll finally get to see Geoff Johns’ impact on the DCEU. His move to President and Chief Creative Office of DC Comics isn’t news, but this is the first major (non-comic book) property we’ll see his influence on. Johns co-wrote the film, so we have high hopes for the script.


  1. There’s a sense of humor. We’re not expecting Wonder Woman to be a comedy, but the jokes we’ve seen thus far give us hope that this will be a film that’s more lighthearted than the rest of its counterparts.



  1. Robin Wright! She’s just a supporting character, but we’ve seen her dominate in House of Cards and now we’ll get to see her dominate as an Amazon.

First Look Wonder Woman

  1. Same for Connie Neilsen, who is playing Queen Hippolyta.



  1. Same for Elena Anaya, who is playing the film’s villain Doctor Poison. Even her costume looks amazing.


  1. It’s not going to feel like it’s a Justice League-prelude. While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice felt more like a prelude to the upcoming Justice League and other DCEU films.  Wonder Woman already has a drastically different tone, and we have faith that her movie will be standalone in the DCEU.


  1. Diana isn’t playing second fiddle. The main male character in Wonder Woman is a romantic interest. Not a villain, a sidekick, or second DC hero. Diana is the main character in her own story, and that’s really refreshing.



  1. We get to see another world. Other than Man of Steel, every DCEU film has focused on Earth and its major Wonder Woman is the first DCEU entry where we get to see another area of the universe. Like how Marvel Studios has Asgard, the DC Extended Universe has Themyscira.



  1. The early reviews are great. Not just “good”, the early reviews are genuinely great. We’ll have to see how audiences and critics respond, but early reviews calling a film “near perfect” are a great sign.

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  1. Gal Gadot knows her sh*t. Her first appearance as Diana Prince was well-received, but with her previous work in the military, in beauty pageants, and in the Fast and Furious franchise, we know she can carry a film.



  1. It’s the first superhero movies starring a female superhero! It’s a historic moment, guys! Get excited!!

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