Reason’s to be Excited for DC’s Rebirth

With a title like “Rebirth,” DC seems to ready to hit reset on the New 52 initiative and start a new era for DC Comics.  From what we’ve seen...

With a title like “Rebirth,” DC seems to ready to hit reset on the New 52 initiative and start a new era for DC Comics.  From what we’ve seen so far, we’re pretty excited.  With only a few issues linked to “Rebirth” available, there have been a lot of cool revelations and reasons to count down the days until the next issues are released. After geeking out the appropriate amount, here are all the reasons we continue to be excited for DC’s “Rebirth” initiative.


(Spoilers below!)


  1. Wally is back! For those who grew up with Wally West as “their” Flash, it’s a huge relief and joy to have him running through the DC Universe once again. The New 52 did have a version of Wally West in it, but this has since been retconned to be a totally different Wally West (who is both cousins with and also shares a name with the original, I guess?)  Regardless, we’re excited to have one of the best Flashes back on Earth.


  1. We get to watch the Watchmen! The Dr. Manhattan reveal was jaw-dropping, but it’s the Comedian as The Joker that has us most excited. What does it mean in the long-run, and how does it tie into everything else? We need to know!!!


  1. The Dr. Manhattan reveal is a really, really good reason for the New 52 being the way it was. Personally, I don’t believe that every comic book story needs to be Batman-level dark, so having the explanation as to why all the stories were so dark be related to Dr. Manhattan is a genius twist. Manhattan’s dark timeline that he comes from is a really interesting reason for why he created such a dark universe, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Dr manhattan

  1. Geoff Johns is incredibly talented. He revamped Green Lantern into a must-read series, and it’s clear that he’s ready to do the same with the whole of the DCU. We can’t wait.


  1. We could get a Joker triumvirate. Yes, the Comedian may have been/be The Joker, but we now know there have been at least three Jokers over the DCU’s history. Could we see them all team up at some point? We hope so.


  1. Superman is dead, which, yeah, is not a reason to be excited, but it paves the way for…


  1. A brand-new Superman! Well, technically he’s going to be the “New Super-Man.” Kenan Kong, a new super hero from Shanghai, will be have his own book and will be written by Gene Luen Yang. We can’t wait to see how the Chinese setting and culture will shape a unique superpowered narrative.


  1. Action Comics and Detective Comics are returning to their original numbering.


  1. (The Second) Aqualad is back!


  1. The Legion of Superheroes is back!


  1. Green Arrow and Black Canary remember! It was disappointing when Dinah and Oliver’s romantic history was erased in the New 52. So far, “Rebirth” has shown signs that they’ll start to remember their previously erased past, so we’re excited.


  1. We’re getting more Super-Books! What was once just a Batman comic book has grown into an entire Bat-family of comic books, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that applies to Superman as well. “Superwoman,” “Supergirl,” “New Superman,” “Super Sons,” and, of course, “Superman.”  Color us intrigued.


  1. Most DC books will be twice monthly. Goodbye, monthly books! (And thank you.)


  1. The Bizarro redesign looks great. And it actually shows Bizarro with a character build that you would expect him to have. Thanks Geoff!!!


  1. The new DC Comics logo is actually pretty cool. It has both a classic and modern feel, showing that DC is ready to celebrate the classic stuff that makes it great, and also bring in the new with ‘Rebirth”.

DC Logo

We cannot wait.

DC Rebirth

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