Down The Rabbit Hole-Conspiracy Theories 3: The Guy Fieri Chronicles

    It’s time once more to go Down the Rabbit Hole its time for Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles RFK Assassination Sirhan Sirhan-MK Ultra Victim Multiple Shooters...



It’s time once more to go Down the Rabbit Hole its time for Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles

conspiracy-theory-and-hidden-evidence-as-concept-c3x0h2 cover

RFK Assassination


Sirhan Sirhan-MK Ultra Victim
Multiple Shooters
The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress.



Regan Assassination

Bush responsible-Bush family ties to the would’be Assassin
What did Bush gain
MK Ultra

John Lennon Assassination



Was Mark David Chapman a CIA Mole?

What if Mark David Chapman was really Stephen King?



Challenger Disaster

If everyone is dead why are there people living with the crew’s identities



And allegedly how does Guy Fieri tie into everything…..
He doesn’t but he could…..


The only way to find out is to listen… Do you have the Guts?..

With Ashish It was Aliens Thomas, Glen Second Shooter Wolfe, and James Trump is really a spoiled Cheeto in disguise O’Donnell.

Recorded at Platinum Wolfe Studios

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