How to have the Perfect Geeky Marathon

Sorry, nerd friends, we’re not talking about an actual marathon here.  With the cold weather slowly approaching, it’s becoming the perfect time of year to stay indoors with snacks...

Sorry, nerd friends, we’re not talking about an actual marathon here.  With the cold weather slowly approaching, it’s becoming the perfect time of year to stay indoors with snacks and cozy blankets and watch your favorite films or TV show seasons. If you want to have a day-long marathon and want to make sure you’re having the best one possible, here’s your foolproof guide on how to do so.


1. Pick a day and plan around it.


One does not simply have a geeky marathon. You need to set a full day aside for a marathon, so pick a day where you don’t have plans and countdown to it.  Ideally, this is a day when you’re not working and you have no other social plans.

2. Invite friends – or don’t.

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Decide if you’re having this marathon with friends or not.  If yes, invite them and then include them in all of the below steps.  If not, good riddance! Who needs friends anyway?

3.Decide what to watch.


This is the most important part of a marathon – figuring out exactly what to watch ahead of time.  Yes, you should know what you’re going to watch before you jump into it and yes, you should have a general schedule of what you’re watching when.  Here are some important questions to ask yourself:


  • Do I want to watch television episodes or movies? If television episodes, stick to one show and one season (you’ll thank us for this – it completes a narrative arc while staying within the same cohesive tone). If movies, choose a focus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same film franchise (like watching all the Captain America and Avengers films), it can be based on a theme, like Marvel versus DC or vampire movies.


  • How do I want to feel when I’m watching my marathon? It’s a silly question, but important nonetheless. If you want to be happy and watch something that makes you laugh, watch sci-fi comedies. If you want to watch something visually stunning, watch Lord of the Rings. If you want to feel empowered and like you can take on the world, watch Harry Potter.  Don’t watch a bunch of sad things if you want to feel happy afterwards.


  • Do I want to watch something new or something familiar? With all of the great movies and TV to watch, it makes sense to watch an old favorite and also to try something new. We recommend trying something new, but if you do so have back-up thing to watch just in case you don’t like it.


Regardless of what you ultimately decide, make sure it’s something you (and your marathon buddies) will enjoy.

4.Prep snacks!


The most important part of any marathon is obviously the snacks.  The key is to not have a lot of liquids and to not eat any foods that could potentially make you tired.  Stay away from foods that are too greasy and too filling.  Popcorn is always a great choice, and a marathon is always a great excuse to order takeout from your favorite restaurant.


5. Plan breaks!


Whether it’s to nap, get some work done, or to just use the bathroom – plan some time in between movies or episodes where you can stretch your legs.  That way, by planning instead of stopping sporadically, you’ll save time in the long run (and nobody will get annoyed by the frequent stopping).


6. Clean your marathon spot.



Lounging in a dirty space for a whole day will make you feel gross – and you don’t want to have your marathon correspond with any guilt.   Clean quickly ahead of time and be conscious of the mess you’re making while watching your screen.




The most important part of a marathon is to have fun – so when the day comes, sit back, relax, and watch some cool stuff!




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