The Normals #1-Review-Was it all a Dream?

The Normals # 1 Review-Was it all a Dream? By Ashish Thomas @thatguyash1018 Wow, I am Speechless but in a good way I just read the first issue of...

The Normals # 1 Review-Was it all a Dream?

By Ashish Thomas @thatguyash1018


Wow, I am Speechless but in a good way I just read the first issue of The Normals the new AfterShock series written by Adam Glass with Art by Dennis Calero, and after reading the issue I am hooked waiting for the next issue.


What would you do if everything you knew about your life was a fabrication a lie created by someone else? A normal life with the wife, kids living in suburbia was not as it appears.  In the first issue of the Normals, we meet Jack Normal a man living in suburbia with his wife Mary and kids Josephine and his son Aidan. The Normals are a typical family but that all changes after an accident. The accident changes the Normals forever.


I was very intrigued about the Normals when I first heard about the series and after reading the first issue can say Normals is an astounding story from Adam Glass with impressive artwork from Dennis Calero.

I am keeping this article nonspoiler filed as each person should experience the story without being told what to expect. I like how the twist in the story hits you and flips the narrative. After you read the issue go back and read it again, there are many easter eggs hidden in plain sight throughout the issue.  Also, the Talking Heads are one of my favorite bands all the references to the band, and their song makes me so happy. Can’t wait to see the subsequent references to the band or other easter eggs hidden in future issues.


The art of Dennis Calero is exquisite, coupled with the colors of Adriano Augusto showcases the Normals and their suburban lives.  In fact, the characters are so well designed that when the twist is revealed you have a hard time believing the twist.  The Colors and tones of Adriano Augusto makes the art look like life drawings.

Adam Glass is fast becoming one of my favorite writers I became a fan of his with the remarkable Rough Riders series, and The Normals only adds to the excellence. While reading this book expecting it to go a certain way and having everything turned was a treat.  The ending of this book will keep you on the edge while you wait for the next chapter in the story. Again after reading the issue go back there are many hidden in plain sight easter eggs.


Overall-The Normals #1 is a great beginning to a story that is on its way to becoming truly epic. I can’t wait to see where Adam Glass and Dennis Calero take the next chapter of this story.  If you have not picked up this issue what are you waiting for Go pick it up now. The Normals is an example of how to write good science fiction. The Normals is a fantastic comic series that goes to an unexpected place an A+. Add The Normals to your pull list you won’t be disappointed.

THE NORMALS #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color
Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Dennis Calero
Colorist: Adriano Augusto
Cover Artist: Juan Doe
incentive cover 1:10: Elizabeth Torque
In Shops: 5/24/17

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