Nerdy Gift Ideas When ThinkGeek Doesn’t Have What You Need

Nerdy Gifts NOT Found On ThinkGeek or Nerdy Gift Ideas When ThinkGeek Doesn’t Have What You Need By Tahlia Merrill Kirk   If you’re like me, when you’re buying...

Nerdy Gifts NOT Found On ThinkGeek


Nerdy Gift Ideas When ThinkGeek Doesn’t Have What You Need

By Tahlia Merrill Kirk


If you’re like me, when you’re buying gifts for your nerdy friends/family, your first stop is always ThinkGeek. Because, let’s face it, they are full of awesomeness. But you’ve already scoured their selection and haven’t found “The Thing” yet, which is why I’m here to help.


  • Lit Nerds


This one is easy. Anything involving quotes, fancy typography, or grammar is sure to be a slam dunk.

1Scarf 1Pillow2

  1. Literary scarf/gloves/pillow cover


  1. Literary Cocktail Recipe Book


  1. Literary Themed Candles



  • Techy Nerds


Does your friend not only work in IT, but has bought their own server for tinkering around at home? This is the most difficult nerd to buy for, especially if you aren’t a fellow tech nerd. Here are a few of your options:

2 Xkcd book

  1. XKCD book (because I guarantee your friend follows the webcomic)

2 Frys

  1. Gift card to Frys (Not exciting for the giver, but your friend will be giddy with delight

2 GoogleSticker

  1. “Let Me Googlet That For You” Sticker or T-shirt (If you don’t get the joke, they will)


*ProTip: Try Searching Their Name/Email for an Amazon Wishlist. (This technically applies to all these nerdy groups, but especially important for techy nerds who are dreaming of a SanDisk Internal SSD 240GB…I may have had to check my husband’s wishlist to come up with an example.)*




  • Video Game Nerd


The obvious answer is to buy them a game from their Steam wishlist. But chances are pretty good they’re already buying a million games via the Steam holiday sales, so here are some outside the box ideas.

3 VideoGameFoods

  1. Bake something themed to their favorite game:

3 ManaPotion

  1. Mana Energy Potions (AKA cafeine is a pretty bottle):

3 GamingMouse

  1. Corsair Gaming Mouse (Lots of choices here)



  • Board Game Nerd


These are two of the hottest games of the year, which means that your friend may already have them, so double check before buying.

4 Pandemic

Pandemic Legacy (Protip: Don’t confuse it with regular Pandemic):

4 DeadofWinter

Dead of Winter:

4 GameOrganizer

Game Organizer (If they already have Dead of Winter, you can bet they won’t have one of these babies)

4 MeepleTree

Meeple Tree or Snowflake Ornament:





  • Star Wars Nerd


There is SO much merch out there, how do you narrow it down? Well, start off by reading our article on what Star Wars merch NOT to buy (

5 Xwings

  1. X-wings Miniatures Game (If they already play, get them one of the expansions):

5 SW Art

  1. Artwork:

5 Holocron

  1. Trivia Holocron (It’s an older toy, but underappreciated):



  • Whovians


Just like Star Wars, you can find Doctor Who merch in every shape and size. Honestly, try one of these instead of buying them another TARDIS Mug/uggs/boxers/bathrobe/cutting board/bath mat/shower curtain–*gasps for breath*–Tote bag/cookie jar/hat/ice cube tray…okay, you get the idea.

6 DW Audiobook6 DW Soundtrack


  1. Audiobook (They can finally enjoy more adventures with their favorite Doctor even after he’s left the tv) :
  2. Soundtrack (From whichever season is their favorite):

DW Graphic NOvel

  1. Graphic Novel:

6 DW Ornament

  1. TARDIS Ornament (okay, being a little hypocritical, but this one is WAY nicer than the plastic ThinkGeek one, so had to feature it)


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