More than Meets the Eye -5 Facts about Transformers

More than Meets the Eye 5 facts about the Transformers Cartoon I know they say cartoons are not what they used to be an example of that is the...

More than Meets the Eye

5 facts about the Transformers Cartoon

I know they say cartoons are not what they used to be an example of that is the original cartoon-Hasbro has not come close to  creating a cartoon close to the the beloved G1 cartoon although Beast Wars was close. Below are some fun facts about the Transformers.

 Fact # 1

Unicron was Rosebud

Orson Welles UnicronTransformers the Movie was Orson Welles last movie

The last thing Orson Welles recorded was his voice for the part of Unicron. Unicron was transformer that turned into a planet and ate other planets.  Depending on your sense of humor this could be funny cause Orson Welles was known to be a man of heft and that fact that his last role Unicron was the devourer of planets and its inhabitants is kinda funny. Here is the best Unicron  from movie and a bonus Megatron is that you click here

It is amazing that the Animated movie had so much talent in the cast.

 Fact #2

Everyone loves Trypticon

everyone loves trypticonBrad Garrett will forever be seen as Robert Ray Romano’s brother with the deep voice. I never really watched the show but another role Brad is known for is Trypticon… Yes Trypitcon had a voice.

No really see below.

Everyone Loves Robert love this sprite commercial Here

Check out Brad’s many voice here Trypticon at 0:29  Here

 Fact #3

Transformers_Scramble_City_title_cardScramble City-Japan the land that ties things together

In the USA there is a gap between the end of Season 2 of Transformers and the Movie, Where did all these new Transformers come from, where are the combiners and what the hell is a Unicron. In Japan there was an episode between Season 2 and Season 3.and  transformers continued for many years.

But the episode Scramble City filled in the gaps between the new transformers and old transformers.

See a dubbed version of Scramble City Here

 Fact #4


Ironhide Decepticon-

This is an animation error but hilarious in transformers the movie after his death it appears an animation error has ironhide attacking the autobots.

This is obviously an error because he died in the scene before and gave us one of the best lines uttered in the Transformers movie click here to find out which one






Fact #5

Corbra ComanderSnake, Snake is that you

So in the Transformer/GI Joe original cartoon world Starscream/Cobra Commander was voiced by the same person Chris Latta. Worlds collided in the third season of the Transformers when a terrorist named Snake appeared on the Transformers series in the episode Only Human. Check out this clip of Old Cobra Commander lamenting that they don’t make terrorists like they used to and trying a familiar call here


So here are Five Fun Facts about My favorite cartoon growing up the Transformers.

Here is a bonus video Dare to be Stupid click here 

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