Mix Tape Today #3 Top 10 Weird Al Songs

Top 10 Weird Al Songs By Tahlia Merrill Kirk Our newest Mixtape is all about Weird Al Here is a short list of songs that I have recognized in...

Top 10 Weird Al Songs

By Tahlia Merrill Kirk

Our newest Mixtape is all about Weird Al

Here is a short list of songs that I have recognized in grocery stores/malls only because I was already familiar with their Weird Al versions (usually from his polkas):


  1. Walkin’ on the Sun – Smash Mouth
  2. Push – Matchbox Twenty
  3. American Idiot – Green Day
  4. Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
  5. Closing Time – Semisonic
  6. Enter Sandman – Metallica


Now, I can’t claim I own every Weird Al song ever recorded, but I’m pretty sure my collection contains over a hundred tracks. Me and Al go way back. I was raised on his music from a young age by parents who had to explain who Eddie Vedder, Forrest Gump, and Jerry Springer were. When I had my first breakup, Weird Al music was literally the only safe music on my ipod for weeks (everything else would make me cry). Ironically, going to my first Weird Al concert a few years later, would be one of the best dates I’ve ever had.

Weird Al Concert “Photo courtesy of Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times”






So without further ado, here’s my personal Top 10 List:


  1. Albuquerque = I feel like memorizing this 11.22 minute masterpiece is a rite of passage for fans.




The Saga Begins

  1.  2. The Saga Begins = As a huge Star Wars fan, this is a no brainer! It’s so sing-along-able too. I am aware of Al’s earlier Star Wars song, “Yoda” and while I do enjoy it, it didn’t make my Top 10.







  1. Hardware Store = I’ve always been a sucker for super-fast patter songs and this has one of the longest rapid fire lines I’ve ever heard. Anyone know if he’s ever performed this one live because I suspect it’s impossible.






  1. Pancreas = It helped me pass a biology test in high school. Also, it’s proof that while Al is famous for his parodies, he’s an incredibly talented songwriter on his own.


Accordian Polka

  1.  5. Any of his polkas (love them all equally)






  1. Canadian Idiot = Any song that uses the word “zamboni” wins big in my book.


  1. The White Stuff = Oreos <3


  1. One More Minute = Nobody writes an anti-love song like Weird Al.


  1. Word Crimes = I was an English major in college. Nuff said. Plus, major points for turning a messed up, but catchy song like Blurred Lines into something I can stomach.


  1. Party in the CIA =





In case you’re curious how my list lines up with an official Greatest Hits albums (of which there are many), here’s what’s listed on Weird Al’s most recent “Essentials” cd from 2010. I’ll bold the ones that show up on my list:


Another One Rides the Bus, Polkas On 45, Eat It, I Lost On Jeopardy, Yoda, One More Minute, Like a Surgeon, Dare to Be Stupid, Dog Eat Dog, Lasagna, Melanie, Fat, UHF (single version), The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota, Trigger Happy, Smells Like Nirvana, You Don’t Love Me Anymore, Bedrock Anthem, Frank’s 2000″ TV, Jurassic Park, Since You’ve Been Gone, Amish Paradise, Gump, Everything You Know Is Wrong, The Night Santa Went Crazy (extra gory version), Your Horoscope for Today, It’s All About the Pentiums, The Saga Begins, Albuquerque, eBay, Bob, Hardware Store, I’ll Sue Ya, Canadian Idiot, Pancreas, Don’t Download This Song, White & Nerdy, Trapped In the Drive-Thru, Ricky, Midnight Star, Living With a Hernia, Good Old Days, Wanna B Ur Lovr, Genius In France






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