Mix Tape Today # 1 When Irish Eyes are Smiling

-Welcome Everyone Today we the geeked gods bring you the first Mix Tape Today – Songs to keep St, Patty’s day in your heart all year long. The songs...

-Welcome Everyone

Today we the geeked gods bring you the first Mix Tape Today – Songs to keep St, Patty’s day in your heart all year long.

The songs were curated by our own Dan Berkman If you like what you see let us know


  1. Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem – Galway Bay 

   – Galway Bay is a classic Irish ballad that has been covered by many   artists as varied as Johnny Cash and Bing Crosby. However my favorite version is this one by the legendary Clancy Brothers who perform a hilarious and crowd pleasing parody version that still receives uproarious laughter whenever it is played. 



  1. Wolfetones – Come Out Ye Black and Tans 

–Simply a wonderful cover of one of the harshest Republican songs in the whole of the Irish catalog. Nearly every band playing on Saint Patrick’s day has a version of this and will be playing it today but the Wolfe Tones do it best. The rage and sarcasm are equally strong. Worth a listen. 


  1. The Dubliners – Johnson’s Motor Car  

-Since I was a little lad this song has been one of my favorites. Perhaps it is the way that my father and his friends would sing it or that killer break where everyone shouts “When Ireland Get’s It’s Freedom You’ll Get Your Motorcar!” that just scratches that all important itch of crowd participation that makes live music such a wonderful thing. Regardless it is a classic and something no one should be without and plus it is The Dubliners for christ sake…they are particularly royalty…well maybe they won’t appreciate that moniker. 


  1. Dropkick Murphys – Boys On The Docks

-An early track by the now gigantic Celtic rock band. This is an Irish immigrant story told as only someone who grew up in Boston or New York can tell it. Simply a fantastic chorus on this one.


  1. The Pogues – Streams of Whiskey 

–A classic by the revolutionary band that references Irish history while making it’s lowbrow point. High art for the amusement of drunkards is what The Pogues do best. 


  1. Thin Lizzy – Whiskey In The Jar

-There are so many versions of this particular song but Thin Lizzy’s storming and hard rocking take is by far the best. Phil and the boys keep things fun and anthemic. Once you hear this there is no looking back.


  1. Nearly any Band – The Rare Ould Times

-Rare Ould Times is a beautiful, deep, solemn and reflection back at days gone by. There are many versions The Dubliners, Flogging Molly, Dublin City Ramblers (the originators of the tune) and it takes sometime to find the one that suits you best. Rare Ould Times is an intensely personal song and in that spirit you need to find the narrator and the melody that fits your experience and head space to enjoy it to the highest levels.


  1. Eric Bogle – The Green Fields of France

–Somber, bleak, beautiful and just down right sad. As pure of a tear in your beer song as they make. 


  1. Flogging Molly – Rebels of The Sacred Heart

–Just pure fun


  1. The Pogues – The Parting Glass

– A traditional funeral wake tune that effects me deeply each time I listen to it. This is a song that you simply don’t just hear; it is something that travels along with you and becomes more real and brutal as time marches on the way that it always does. 


  1. The Prodigals-Happy Man

-It is easy to be pessimistic these days especially with the state of the job market, wars, political and social strife to name a few but from time to time it makes sense to forget about your troubles and focus on what you have to be happy about it , if only for a moment.


  1. Black 47-James Connolly (Live aka Live in New York City Version)

-A fitting tribute to arguably the greatest of the modern day Irish republicans James Connolly. Although set to music this track is essentially a love poem to Connolly written by Black 47 singer Larry Kirwan which includes some very touching and moving moments. If you have a heart string left in your Guinness soaked heart left to spare this will pluck it for you. However a big of warning-Black 47 is famously a wonderful uproarious live band but their records never really captured that feeling. So you are best served listening to them via one of their live albums.

-Dan Berkman

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