Minor Comic Book Characters that would be great on the big screen

  Feeling a little bit of superhero fatigue? It’s understandable. We’re at the point where we get a new Batman movie every five years and a new Iron Man...


Feeling a little bit of superhero fatigue? It’s understandable. We’re at the point where we get a new Batman movie every five years and a new Iron Man every three, even if you love superheroes it’s exhausting!  Superhero movies won’t survive if we keep rehashing the same stories, so we’ve gone through the archives and picked our favorite minor league superheroes. Instead of retelling a story that’s past its due date, we’re hoping studios can tell one of these stories instead.

Booster Gold


There have been rumors about Nathan Fillion playing the role of Booster Gold for some time now, but we haven’t seen anything confirmed.  Because of that, we’re putting a Booster Gold movie at the top of our list. Imagine it – a superhero parody movie where the butt of the joke actually ends up saving the day.  All you need is a charismatic actor (maybe somebody similar to Nathan Fillion, perhaps?) to wear a shiny suit and you’re good to go!




In his animated form, Klarion is a troublemaker in all the best ways. He’s tricky, he’s devious, and he’s a lot of fun to watch (though he is a bit spoiled). What better character to introduce audiences to the DC underworld than the witch boy? As a bonus, we’d also get to see Etrigan on the big screen – which would be a heck of a lot of fun.


Blue Marvel


When you read about Blue Marvel, you get the feeling that he was designed to have a really big place in the Marvel Universe but just didn’t work out. His origin story is a weird mirror to Captain America’s but is also strangely integrated with the black American experience. Regardless, he’s an interesting character and would be a great subject for a movie.  Think of a period superhero film with a lot more emotional gravity than anything you’ve seen thus far.


Millie the Model


Never heard of Millie before? That’s okay – she’s not exactly a superhero despite being a Marvel Universe mainstay. Millie was popular in the 1950s and 60s when Marvel Comics published romance, Western, and detective stories.  (Think Patsy Walker before she became Hellcat.) This wouldn’t be a superhero movie per say,  but it would be fun to see what Marvel could do with a generic rom-com-esque story.  Right?


Beast Boy


In a similar vein as Klarion, Beast Boy is a fun minor character that would be a deviation from the traditional superhero movie.  This would have to be an action comedy, but it would be a lot of fun to watch him face off against the Doom Patrol singlehandedly.  Sure, he’s green, but that nothing a little bit of paint can’t fix!




Hey, if we can get a Wonder Woman movie and a Valkyrie appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, who’s to say that we can’t a movie all about Valkyrie?!

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