Marvel’s Making Waves With Moon Girl

Marvel’s Making Waves With Moon Girl By Sarah Vale     Marvel is no stranger to letting creator’s breath new life into old characters; the beloved Groot is a...

Marvel’s Making Waves With Moon Girl

By Sarah Vale


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Marvel is no stranger to letting creator’s breath new life into old characters; the beloved Groot is a great example. Marvel also kicks DC’s ass when it comes to diversity in comics. All of this has this reader hoping that Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will rock as hard as the first images do.  Originally created by the great Jack Kirby in 78 Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy didn’t even last a year but the characters have made cameos in comics ever since because well who doesn’t love having a giant red t-rex around?


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Writers Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare along with artist Natacha Bustos, seem to have made the right choice in ditching the apelike caveman Moon Boy character in favor of the all new Lunella Lafayette also known as Moon Girl. She’s a black pre-teen genius who, like Mrs. Marvel happens to be an Inhuman. Lunella has been described as an Inspector Gadget type character except more capable.


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The comic is aimed at younger reader’s which is great because there really aren’t many superhero books targeted directly to that middle grade demographic anymore. Even Mrs. Marvel which is age appropriate for an eleven year old is still targeted at an older audience. While we haven’t been given much plot beyond a young girl and her T-rex try to make it in modern Manhattan it’s been implied that big monster battles and of course school troubles are on the horizon. Given the characters proximity to New Jersey one can hope that a Mrs. Marvel team up isn’t out of the question because really who wouldn’t want to see Lockjaw and Devil Dinosaur playing in Central Park?


The comic hits the stands in November and I for one will be picking it up. Not just because supporting diversity with my dollars is what I’m all about but also because I fucking love Dinosaurs. If I were 12 this is exactly the kind of thing I’d be begging my mother to buy me so you can bet that as an adult I’m gonna treat myself and you should too.

Sarah Vale is a freelance writer and photographer based out of NYC. She runs the feminist nerd blog More than Fables. She spend her free time reading all the comics and watching to many cartoons. She’s an activist working to make higher education free and bringing harm reduction practices to the mainstream. You can tweet her at @SarahValephotos

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