Maestros #1 Review

Maestros #1 Review  By Ashish Thomas I had the pleasure of getting an advanced copy of Maestro’s from Image Comics easily a front-runner for favorite new Image Comics series. Maestros...

Maestros #1 Review 


By Ashish Thomas

I had the pleasure of getting an advanced copy of Maestro’s from Image Comics easily a front-runner for favorite new Image Comics series.


Maestros take us to the world called Zainon where it’s learned that the King Meethra Kahzar the Maestro and the royal family has been killed by Mardok who it seems is trying to take over the world. Next, we meet Margaret human one of the ex-wives of King an official informs her of the death, all banishments are over and that she and her son Willy are in danger. Heeding the warning, Margaret grabs the talking sword Backstabber and goes to earth looking for her son.


We see Willy in a backroom deal with a Texas, oil man. Willy gives the oil man a potion that will make him what Viagra couldn’t and pays him for Willy’s trouble. We see Willy is in a strip club Mugs and Jugs when a minion of Mardok in disguise as a stripper tries to kill him while giving him a lap dance.  As Willy is being attacked his mother arrives with Backstabber and kills Mardok’s minions.  We see Mother and Son take out Mardok’s forces with Willy still having no idea he’s in danger. After defeating the minions, Mardok comes to Earth to destroy them, but Willy and Margaret escape to Zainon.



When both Margaret and Willy back on Zainon, Willy asks whats going on where he finds out that he’s the last Kahzar and the new Maestro. The kingdom is in danger.

The issue ends on a flashback showing how Will meets his father Meethra Kahzar who takes the Boy back to Zainon to train him.  We learn that Margaret took Will back to Earth after his birth not allowing him to know his father, Zainon, and Magic. The issue ends with teenager Will being trained by his Father.


Maestros #1 is a fabulous debut issue for the series. Steve Skroce has crafted a well thought out and developed world of Zainon.   The Art showcases this mystical and wondrous world. The story mixes fantasy with comedy several times I laughed out loud. The Humor is smart and irreverent with a mix of potty humor. Just a warning this is not a comic for kids.   If you like your fantasy comics mixed with comedy Maestros is the comic for you. Do yourself a favor and order this comic on 9/25/2017 or you will regret it. With series like Maestros and The Realm, the future of Image Comics is bright and great. Maestros is the front-runner for my new favorite image comic series.



Maestros  #1

FOC 9/25/2017

Release: 10/18/2017

Publisher: Image Comics

Story and Art by Steve Skroce

Colors by Dave Stewart

Lettering and Design by Fonografiks

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