Lego Batman movie review

Lego Batman movie review I for one never thought that LEGO would be such a large franchise, from video games to movies. When they released the first LEGO video...

Lego Batman movie review

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I for one never thought that LEGO would be such a large franchise, from video games to movies. When they released the first LEGO video game, Star Wars back in 2005 no one could ever imagine it would grow into such a large franchise. In 2008 LEGO released the first Batman video game and just this week they released the LEGO Batman movie.

From a purely performance viewpoint, it made $55 million opening weekend and also received an 88 fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes. Well, I can certainly say that there is a good reason for all the hype. The writing team contains writers from shows such as Robot Chicken, American Dad, and Wreck-it-Ralph, the comedy is not only visual due to the freedom of cartoons but physical humor as well. It’s not often that you can see a family friendly movie nowadays where the adults don’t feel tortured most of the way through.

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The LEGO Batman movie does a fantastic job of including something for everybody. For starters, it has well-known actors voicing many of the characters, from Will Arnett(Batman), and Michael Cera(Dick Grayson), to Zach Galifianakis(Joker) and Rosario Dawson (Batgirl/Commissioner Gordon). The other thing that this installment in the LEGO series does exceptionally well is referencing the multiple incarnations of Batman throughout the years, including Dark Knight and the animated series.




Not only does the film successfully grab our attention with action scenes and classic jokes, or characters it does so without feeling forced or repetitive. There is an actual arc that can be followed throughout most of the film Even though it can stand alone as an action/comedy it does justice to much of the development of Batman’s character through the over exaggeration by Will Arnett. For those who want it to be a mash of characters like The LEGO Movie was they wouldn’t be disappointed. Though not quite to the extent, there are a number of classic Batman villains and even some non-DC appearances that I wasn’t expecting.

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All in All, this is a film that even if you aren’t a fan of the Batman franchise you can be a fan of. It has jokes for all, it has enough story to keep those whose kids wanted to see it for their birthday party interested. The film doesn’t break any new barriers on the LEGO front and doesn’t open up any more doors into the LEGO universe then we already saw in the original movie. Lego Batman is a family film that I would take the time to see in theaters because what’s better than your favorite kids’ toy up on screen kicking ass and taking names.

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