Just the Facts-Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats-5 Facts about out favorite Thundercats….. or how I ruin your childhood.

Just the Facts—Thunder Cats HOOOOOOOOOOO! by Ashish @thatguyash1018 Remember these facts are for entertainment purposes, if you don’t like them don’t read them… Anyhoooooooooo here is  Five facts about...

Just the Facts—Thunder Cats HOOOOOOOOOOO!

by Ashish @thatguyash1018

Remember these facts are for entertainment purposes, if you don’t like them don’t read them…

Anyhoooooooooo here is  Five facts about the Thundercats….




Thundercat Sword

  1. Naked Kitties

naked thunder cats

The first episode of thunder cats we see that the Thundercats are all naked except for wearing boots… Really Boots….I guess your feet really needed protecting …Have you ever stepped on a lego… That shit hurts….

So there was an explanation… Jaga the leader said that they didn’t need protective weaponry and clothes on Thundera”…. WTF what kind of place is this……… Well, Cheetara is running around naked so, I am okay with it.


I am not going to even discuss where certain male anatomy is….. NO, I AM NOT GOING TO DISCUSS IT no you can’t make me…….moving on.


  1. Panthro was a Grandpa on the Cosby Show.

It’s kind of funny but didn’t the Cosby show have a billion grandpa’s seriously like everyone was a grandpa….. But the Actor who voiced Panthro Earl Hyman played Bill Cosby’s dad on the Cosby Show….

Pantro 1Grandpa 1


Check out this Video



  1. Greatest Outtakes of all time.

If you’ve never checked this out someone found outtakes from voice sessions and they are hilarious and not safe for work… If you ever wanted to hear the Thundercats curse and say messed up funny things check out the video below

Check out these outtakes-NSFW


  1. Thundera was destroyed by the Thundercats…

I never knew this plot point but the Thundercats or specifically Jaga was responsible for the destruction of Thundera…

Turns out Jaga got the Sword of Plun-Darr and rather than destroy it or keep it somewhere, where it wouldn’t harm the planet, he threw it into a volcano which destroyed planet Thundera. WTF so the whole Thundercats saga could’ve been prevented if he just locked up the sword. Wait, WTF you mean Cheetara would still be naked on the planet, I hate Jaga …….


8xLq28W dumbass


  1. Thundercats on Ice

Thundercats live show

Well not on ice but did you know that with the success of Thundercats the Thundercats did arena shows with….. Gumby… Wait, Gumby and the Thundercats don’t go together well they do if their parent company owns both properties……. It makes Sense…

Thundercats Gumby


Am I the only one who is afraid of Snarf in the picture…. Seriously that would’ve given me nightmares as a kid……



There you have it Five Facts about the Thundercats….


Bonus Fact

Urban Dictionary defines a Snarfer as someone who Farts in a bathtub and tries to eat the fart bubbles.

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