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By Ash-Thatguyash1018 Marvels answer to the Justice League; The Fantastic Four debuted in 1961 created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four are...

By Ash-Thatguyash1018

Marvels answer to the Justice League; The Fantastic Four debuted in 1961 created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four are often looked at as the group the led to the creation of the Marvel comic universe or Earth 616

Here are some facts about the Fantastic Four


bill murray human torch

  1. Billy Murray voiced the Human Torch

There was a serialized radio drama narrated by Stan Lee in 1975. So before the fantastic four failed on the big screen they failed on the radio. The series only lasted 10 episodes but a highlight was the voice of the human torch a pre SNL Bill Murray. Check out a sample of the broadcast here.

Fantastic Four 1994 2 The Thing the-fantastic-four-cast-pose-from-1994 -2Fantastic Four 1994 1




  1. The Fantastic Four-1994

Before 2005 and the current reboot there was another fantastic four movie directed by the King of B Movies Roger Corman. The film never made it to the box office but bootleg copies are available.  Here is the trailer. After seeing some of the stills this would make a great Rifftrax movie sendoff.





Herbie 3Herbie 2Herbie


  1. The New Fantastic Four

In 1978 there was a new fantastic four series however this series did not feature the fantastic four as we know it. This fantastic four featured Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing and ….. Herbie the Humanoid Experimental Robot B Type Integrated Electronics.  WTF. It turns out that Marvel couldn’t use the Human Torch as the name was tied to a Failed Television pilot. The series lasted 13 episodes before being cancelled.





  1. The Thing and Fred Flintstone-or the Orange Rock arrived in Bedrock-Not Really?

So in 1979 there was a team up that never was in Fred and Barney meet the Thing. Although the title suggests that Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and The Thing team up, it never happened. Instead this was a combined hour on morning television where one part of the show was the Thing’s new show and another featuring Fred and Barney from Bedrock. This happened because at the time Marvel owned the rights to several Hanna Barbara franchises.




Dr Doom



  1. Doctor-I am not a Doctor but I play one on Television.

Doctor Doom is many things, evil genius, ruler of Latveria, God in the secret wars, but one thing Doctor Doom is not is an actual Doctor. Doctor Doom is a title that he conferred on himself after getting jealous of Dr. Reed Richards. Eventually he got an honorary Doctorate from the University of Latveria. Hmm since its Doom I Doubt anyone would ever call him out on it would you.

Dr Doom 2 Doctor Doom 4Doom 6


As a bonus find the Honesty Trailer about the first Fantastic Four movie here.


Thoughts, Comments, let me know below-Any subjects for the next just for facts let us know.

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