Jimmy’s Bastards #3 Review

Jimmy’s Bastards #3 Review by James O’Donnell Garth Ennis continues his fantastic run in the third issue of Jimmy’s Bastards, which, though slightly less action packed than it predecessors (and...

Jimmy’s Bastards #3 Review


by James O’Donnell

Garth Ennis continues his fantastic run in the third issue of Jimmy’s Bastards, which, though slightly less action packed than it predecessors (and with 100% more horrific castration) continues to impress. The plot continues to thicken as Junior and the cabal of Jimmy’s Bastards move closer to their eventual goal of (presumably) doing something horrible to Jimmy’s balls.


Jimmy Regent, the story’s protagonist, is the embodiment of every classic spy trope under the sun in the best way possible. He’s got the charisma of James Bond, the upper-class attitude of Napoleon Solo and the brash arrogance of Sterling Archer all rolled into one perfectly insufferable package. Paired with his level-headed and stoic new partner Nancy (because Jimmy couldn’t stop buggering his less willful female partners), they continue down the rabbit hole in which all the henchmen look suspiciously similar to Jimmy.


Co-created with artist Russ Braun (Batman: Venom, The Boys), Jimmy’s Bastards is sure to become one of your favorite books (if it’s not already on your pull list). Ennis and Braun mix a fantastic tapestry of mystery, deadpan humor, hard-boiled action and fantastic shoot-em-up style violence (see” Jimmy and Nancy arguing about the merits of political correctness as they kill scores of baddies in this chapter’s openings). The story is perfectly brought to life by Braun’s incredible renderings, which showcase the book’s action, and, er more tender scenes (once again, there was some castration going on).


On the all-new Geeked Gods rating scale I’d have to rate Jimmy’s bastards a big fat Excellent- though I’m a bit biased since the main character and I share a first name.

Mr Excellent




JIMMY’S BASTARDS #3 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color

Publisher: AfterShock Comics

writer: Garth Ennis
artist: Russ Braun
color: John Kalisz

letterer: Rob Steen
On Sale: 8/30/17

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