GOT Season 7 Premiere Recap

This season premiere did NOT disappoint.  For a whole multitude of reasons, the premiere episode of season seven gave fans some incredibly satisfying closure, excellent character development, and clear...

This season premiere did NOT disappoint.  For a whole multitude of reasons, the premiere episode of season seven gave fans some incredibly satisfying closure, excellent character development, and clear steps as to where we can expect season seven to take us.  If you haven’t watched the premiere yet, or just need a place to give you the biggest moments of the episode, read on below to get caught up.


(Obviously, spoilers ahead.)


The Freys Got What They Deserved


If you were a little confused after seeing Walder Frey on-screen in the episode’s opening moments, you weren’t alone. But as he gives his men “special wine” and refuses to let the servants drink it, it becomes pretty clear that Arya Stark’s murder was successful and that she’s masquerading as the murdering leader.  Within a few moments, she murders the Frey family and casually walks out – unscathed.  In a later scene, we see her tell a band of singing soldiers (led by Ed Sheeran, because reasons, I guess?) that she’s going to kill Queen Cersei.  It’s about time, GoT writing staff!


Jon Snow and Sansa Struggle to Find Balance



Even though Jon Snow’s thunder was taken by Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island, he proved himself to be a good ruler – despite having Sansa publicly disagree with him in front of his bannermen.  Though they ultimately want the same thing, Jon’s goals are to defeat the Night King by any means necessary, and Sansa’s goals are – well, we don’t quite know yet. Littlefinger attempts (and fails) to pry it out of her, but we’ll definitely get hints of what’s to come later in the season.  Her comment about having learned a lot from Cersei, however, brings us pause.


Brienne and Tormund Have a Moment



I mean, not really, but the internet will take Tormund’s one quip toward Pod after Brienne knocks him down while training and will run with it for the rest of the season.


Cersei Is Finally Actually In Charge

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Even though she’s been de facto ruling for several seasons, this is the first glimpse of what King’s Landing looks like when Cersei is in charge. She relies on Jamie for military advice and seems okay with the Lannisters’ total lack of allies. She attempts to find a new one with Euron Greyjoy, yet despite rebuffing his marriage proposal, seems to think that they’re on the right track.  Does Cersei have an end game here? It doesn’t seem like it yet, but we never truly know with her.



The Hound Finds the Light


Yeah, even though he no longer goes by “The Hound,” you know who I’m talking about. He continues to ride with the Brotherhood Without Banners, and after staring in the fire for a few too many seconds, finds some common spiritual ground with the group.  Maybe redemption isn’t impossible, after all?


Sam Has Trouble With Pots


Part of training to be a master focuses on spooning food out of pots, cleaning out chamberpots, and taking away half-empty pots of food.Regardless, Sam’s story shines in this episode – as he finds out that the castle of Dragonstone is full of dragon glass (something that the King of the North desperately needs to defeat the Night King) and he also gets to measure some dead body parts with Professor Slughorn (who is actually the Arch-Maester, played by Jim Broadbent).  The twist at the end of Sam’s time in the library reveals Jorah, almost completely covered by grayscale, kept in complete isolation within the citadel.


Also – shout out to the editing team for an excellent and cringeworthy series of jump cuts.



Daenerys Targaryen Goes Home


In a moment with (almost) no dialogue, Dany finally visits her home and birthright – the castle of Dragonstone.  She, alongside Tyrion Lannister, Varys, Grey Worm, etc. enter and explore the castle. It’s a powerful moment that ends with them beginning to strategize their next move against the Seven Kingdoms. After Dany asks Tyrion “Shall we begin?” the screen cuts to black, and credits roll.


There’s no better line to have kicked off the season with.

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