The Geeked Gods “What You Need to Know” Weekly Recap for 8/6/2016

    Hello!  Welcome to the first column of my new series The Geeked Gods Presents  “What You Need to Know”, where I give you a run-down of movie...


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Hello!  Welcome to the first column of my new series The Geeked Gods Presents  “What You Need to Know”, where I give you a run-down of movie and television-related geek news that you (unsurprisingly) need to know.  Here’s the best and worst of this week’s news, and a few things that you should keep an eye out for moving forward.




Star Wars: When the Force Awakened, so did a whole new world of storytelling opportunities.  This week, ABC TV President Channing Dungey let it slip that ABC is currently talking with Lucasfilm about putting a Star Wars­ TV show on the Disney-owned channel.  Allegedly, ABC has no idea what the television show could be about (she claimed that Lucasfilm’s secrecy is even more intense than Marvel’s), but when they’re ready to share – we’ll be the first to know.



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Suicide Squad: While it’s already making a ton of money at the Box Office (the Friday of its premiere weekend just hit and it already made over $28 million), the reviews for Suicide Squad are worse than Batman v Superman.  While fans seem to love the film, choice quotes from film reviews say the movie “suffers from instant amnesia”, “continues with more of a whimper than a bang”, and “is no fun at all.” Oof.

Suicide Squad

The Divergent Series: After shocking fans by announcing that instead of a fourth and final film, Lionsgate would be turning the last Divergent film into a TV movie – stars have unsurprisingly started to consider not coming back for the project.  Most recently, Miles Teller expressed unhappiness with the decision, saying “I found out 20 minutes before Variety printed it.”  Not cool, Lionsgate, and if the stars leave – the fans probably will too.




Suicide Squad: In more #SKWAD news, Director David Ayer was forced to apologize for chanting “f*** Marvel!” at the New York film premiere.  On the positive side, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada tweeted some support for Ayer, saying that his comment “was in good fun”.  Joe – we’re not really sure how chanting “f*** Marvel” is in good fun, but you’re the boss – so us fans will listen.


Supergirl: We got our first look at Supergirl’s Lena Luthor this week.  Sure, the official character description sound like Lena is a force for good, but these photos may prove otherwise…]]


Agent Carter: Turns out you can’t keep a good agent down! Hayley Atwell expressed interest in returning to the role of Peggy Carter this week, saying that she would be “very happy” to get back to work.  Are you listening, Marvel?!



Marvel’s Most Wanted: After explaining why ABC didn’t pick up the Marvel pilot last season, Channing Dungey mentioned that Marvel had the ability to shop the pilot to different, non-ABC channels.  So maybe we’ll actually find out what happened to Mockingbird after all?


Did we miss your favorite piece of news? Tweet me @AlexKnowsWords to send me a scoop, and to tell me what you want to from this weekly column!

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