Game of Thrones Season 7: Questions That Need Answering

Now that we’ve gotten a new Game of Thrones trailer for this summer, speculations for season seven are running wild. There are tons of fan theories as to what’s...

Now that we’ve gotten a new Game of Thrones trailer for this summer, speculations for season seven are running wild. There are tons of fan theories as to what’s going to happen on the show, but for now, here are some of the basic questions we need answered this year.


(Obviously, spoilers abound below.)

1. Will the Stark siblings reunite?



Yes, we know that some of them are dead (RIP Robb and Rickon), but there seems to finally be some hope for Jon and Sansa to meet up with Bran and Arya this season.  Can we finally get some sort of happy endings for this family, pretty please?

2. Where will Dany head first?


There’s definitely going to be some sort of showdown between the Mother of Dragons and Cersei Lannister, but exactly when and where it will happen is TBD.  Will Dany go straight for King’s Landing? Or will she head to her new allies in Dorne and reunite with Varys, her master of spies?


3. Will Littlefinger continue to amass power?


LIttlefinger came through in the Battle of the Bastards, but let’s not forget that he’s responsible for the betrayal of Ned Stark way back in season one. Will the Starks learn this, and if they do – what then? We wouldn’t be surprised if Arya found out this information on her bloodthirsty quest.


4. Will Jaime and Cersei finally call it quits?


As Cersei inches closer to “Mad Queen” territory, we’ve seen Jamie show signs of worry.  Once Jamie heads back to King’s Landing and discovers that Tommen is dead thanks to Cersei’s use of wildfire, we’re not quite sure what he’ll do.  Especially since Jamie became the Kingslayer to avoid a similar event many years back.


5. Where’s Sam?


Even though we technically *know* where Sam is, are we going to see him? It’d be great to get our favorite bromance back together on the small screen.




This is in all caps for a reason! Since we saw Gendry on a rowboat to the middle of the ocean, we’ve had no idea where he’s been or what he’s been up to. Will that change in season? If so, is there a possible reunion with Arya in his future?


7. Will the Hound find solace?

GOT 2--

Last season, it was revealed that the Hound didn’t die from his fight with Brienne despite having been left for dead by Arya.  Now that Sandor Clegane is back in action, will he settle his feuds and find some actual peace?


8. Will Jon Snow learn about his parentage?


Bran knows who his mother is and so do we, but when will Jon learn? Also – will we find out who his father is? Yes, we know that it’s all but confirmed thanks to fan theories, but it will be important to have this realization within the show.


9. Will the Wall fall?


It’s been talked about for years, and it’s something that may actually happen in the season finale.  Will the Wall that protects the Seven Kingdoms finally collapse, and will the great war with the White Walkers finally be recognized by all?

We’ll have to wait until July 16th to find out.

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