Five zombie films to watch if you like The Walking Dead

Five Zombie Films to Watch if You Like The Walking Dead by Madison Worm @MaddyClassy I think it’s safe to say that just about everybody knows some movie or...

Five Zombie Films to Watch if You Like The Walking Dead

by Madison Worm @MaddyClassy

I think it’s safe to say that just about everybody knows some movie or TV Show about Zombies, and if you claim otherwise you’re a liar because everybody knows The Walking Dead by now, so don’t lie to yourself.  If you’re into the entire zombie craze that I hope, unlike the zombies, never dies, then I have a few movies for you to try. Some of these movies you may have already heard of because a couple of them are classics; however, I know a few lower budget ones that deserve their day in the spotlight. Without further ado, here are five zombie films to watch if you like The Walking Dead.






This 2008 zombie horror movie was shot in a first person view, and I don’t regularly watch films shot this way. I have learned’ however, that while some movies shot this way can have seriously overdone Michael Bay style “shaky cam”, many of them don’t. As the movie poster states, this film is set in an apartment complex in which a resident calls 9-1-1 due to screaming heard from the barricaded apartment of an elderly lady. The main characters appear to be a news reporter, Angela and her cameraman Scott, who are assigned to follow and document firefighters when events start to take a turn for the worst.


While Quarantine was shown in theaters, it didn’t get a ton of attention. It’s a great movie worth watching as it puts you in the shoes of the survivors. Now, I am about to hand you a movie that is probably one of my personal favorites to date. It didn’t have a great budget, and I am proud of the directors, actors, and producers for making such a great movie at such a small price. If you watch this movie, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, because it is definitely worth watching more than once.




State of Emergency



This movie made this list due to its maker’s ability to make such a good zombie film with a smaller budget than most successful films. The film is less well known than some of the others on this list, probably due to the fact that it premiered at a film festival rather than in a theater or on television. The movie opens in a small town in which an explosion occurs causing confusion, and differing biological results in the residents of the surrounding area. The movie follows a small group of survivors trying to survive in the quarantined town.



Now that I’ve given you a couple of zombie flicks to make you run to the nearest gun store to get prepared for the impending apocalypse, I’m going to make you laugh. Yes, there are a couple of movies out there that are just straight up funny.


The Walking Deceased


For those of us who have seen many a zombie movie and TV show, I present to you the movie that pokes fun at those movies and shows. From the beloved Walking Dead to modern zombie classics like Warm Bodies, this movie makes fun of them all. So if you’re looking for a little bit of fun amongst all the terror, this is a good movie to pick up,





Speaking of zombie movie classics, let’s discuss Zombieland. This is one of the more popular zombie films, probably due to its wonderful cast, great acting, and non-stop zombie fun. Jesse Eisenberg (that name alone should make you run to buy this) is a rather geeky college kid just trying to survive the apocalypse, but things just keep getting crazier as he meets other, rather interesting, survivors.



No Zombie movie list could finish on comedy, so I’m going to allow my inner evil out and give you a movie that made me sob like a baby. I’ve gotten to where I obsess over character development and always try to think of ways for characters to get out of situations, and that is not the greatest thing to do with the last movie on this little list.


The Returned


This movie you will probably hate to love. One thing that everybody ponders is a cure for the zombie virus, but could everything really be that simple? The Returned follows a nurse who works with patients who have been bitten to “return” them to being human and keeping them human. Watching this movie gives us a taste of how people might actually react if a cure was created, and raises the question of what you might be willing to do to keep your loved ones from turning.

Let us know your favorite Zombie movie in the comments below….


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