Five Movies that need the Rifftrax Treatment or Terrible Movies I will never watch unless Rifftrax Covers them first.

5 Movies that need the  Rifftrax Treatment or Terrible Movies I Will Never Watch Unless Rifftrax Covers Them First   By Tahlia Merrill Kirk   5. The Garfield Movie...

5 Movies that need the  Rifftrax Treatment


Terrible Movies I Will Never Watch Unless Rifftrax Covers Them First


By Tahlia Merrill Kirk


Garfield Movie

5. The Garfield Movie = Usually, Rifftrax takes movies that are meant to be serious and turns them into something funny. I wonder if they could improve movies that are supposed to be funny by mocking them? I doubt it would work for most movies, but I think this biggest mistake of Bill Murray’s career would be a great candidate for them to try.



Hercules Rock 4. Hercules (2014) = As a Greek myth buff, it breaks my heart to admit it, but it’s true: Pretty much all Greek mythology movies suck. So I had tons of options here, but since Rifftrax has already covered the most obvious choice–Clash of the Titans–I settled on the next best thing: The version of Hercules starring The Rock. Do I even need to explain why?






life-of-pie-poster3.  Life of Pi = Reviews praise this film’s gorgeous effects, but boo its vacuous plot. A Rifftrax version would let me appreciate the graphics without putting me to sleep.

A perfect example of how this movie is just begging to be Riffed.



Battleship2. Battleship (2012) = When I heard they were making a movie based off the 80s board game, I didn’t even need to see off the trailer to know it was going to be a stinker. Plus, did you know this movie has Rihanna in it? Sounds like a movie deserving of a good roasting.










  1.  1. Outcast = Limiting myself to one Nicolas Cage movie on this list was tough and I was close to despairing until I found this movie. Guys, it has Nicolas Cage annnnnddd…wait for it…Hayden Christensen! Talk about a comedy goldmine. Dear Rifftrax: Here is your Christmas present this year. You’re welcome. (My runner up was Season of the Witch, in case you’re wondering).

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    I found another scraping at the bottom of the barrel. I think the only thing that qualifies this bilge water as a “movie” is that there is film, with moving images upon it. It’s 2011’s “Bunnyman” and it’s truly “terribad”. I just looked and there are sequels to this mess! o_0

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