Dystopian Futures We Definitely Don’t want to Live In

Okay, we get it – nobody actually wants to live in a dystopian future.  Like, why would that even be an option?  Isn’t the whole point of a dystopia...

Okay, we get it – nobody actually wants to live in a dystopian future.  Like, why would that even be an option?  Isn’t the whole point of a dystopia that it’s a bad society??

For the purposes of this article, we’re thinking that if you had to choose a dystopia to live in right now, what would you absolutely not pick?  As an example, you could pick The Hunger Games, but you’d have a pretty good shot of a) not ending up in the Hunger Games and b) growing up in a wealthy district. Compared to Mad Max: Fury Road, ending up in The Hunger Games wouldn’t actually be that bad.  Other than Fury Road, here are the other dystopias we’d instantly rule out.

Children of Men



This film does not take place incredibly far into the future, making the idea of a modern-day infertility crisis incredibly poignant. With humanity growing closer and closer to extinction, it’s a problem where every human is somehow at fault and it affects everyone.  Add to that the political ties and all the pressure on couples to get pregnant – living in this world sounds miserable.  You’re essentially walking around with a death sentence written on your forehead. No thanks.


Samurai Jack


Easily one of the best animated series of all time, the future that Samurai Jack navigates is completely ruled by the enemy he has sworn to defeat. Yes, this dystopia is interesting (they have Valhalla and advanced megacities on the same continent), but Aku is a terrible ruler, and there’s no member of this society (other than Aku) who has anything close to a good life.  What’s more – if you want to be Samurai Jack, get ready to spend the majority of your life getting really close to time portals and then miss your chance at the last minute constantly.

Samurai Jack 2

Planet of the Apes


Imagine the way apes live in our world right now. Now imagine yourself doing the exact same thing – being experimented on, being in zoos, etc.  Awful, right?  Plus – as apes evolve, humans devolve, so you wouldn’t even be able to speak, read, or have the motor functions that you do now.  Any future where you’d be devolved from what you currently are isn’t one to choose from.


Attack on Titan





Another dystopia where there’s literally no hope for peace, humanity is terrorized by giant, man-eating mindless monsters.  The Titans are bound to kill you eventually or, if not you, they’ll eat your family and destroy everything you love. Yeah, definitely want to live there.


The Purge

purge dystophia

This was a tricky entry to add to this list because while the institution of The Purge is a terrible idea, the country’s economy is strong, unemployment is minimal, and outside of The Purge there is essentially no crime rate.  The reason The Purge’s dystopia is on this list is because in order to survive purge night you are forced to become a criminal, and during the rest of the year you live in paranoia that everyone around you will eventually try to kill you.  There’s literally no way to live in peace.


purg an

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