Dream TV Adaptations We Want To See

DREAM TV ADAPTATIONS WE WANT TO SEE  You’d think that with all of the comic book adaptations on television that we would be satisfied with what’s already airing. Joke’s...


You’d think that with all of the comic book adaptations on television that we would be satisfied with what’s already airing. Joke’s on you! We still want more and yes, while we always want more original stories on-screen, we also want adaptations of the written and drawn stories that we already love. And, since we know that the stories are good, we don’t have to panic about anything being ruined when it’s brought to TV. Here are our dream TV adaptations we hope we’ll see soon.




Yeah, this series is an obvious choice but we felt the need to include it anyway.  There’s no way that this story could be completely told in a film adaptation. A Saga adaptation needs time to explore each faction of the war in enough detail that makes each character empathetic yet deadly. Plus, a television adaptation would be a perfect way to expand the Saga universe. Do we want an episode devoted to flashbacks about The Will and The Stalk? How about one for Prince Robot IV? You bet your butt we do.




This is the weirdest concept on our list, but with the success of food-themed television programs nowadays, we don’t think there’s going to be any problem turning this into a television show.  Chew is about a police detective who uses his Cibopath abilities (where one gets a psychic sensation of what has happened to an object after the Cibopath eats it) to solve crimes; think a mashup of iZombie, Hannibal, Pushing Daises, and your traditional cop drama.  What could be better?


As of 2014, there are plans for an animated feature of Chew, but honestly – there’s too much story here for a film.  Plus, it’s been three years and we don’t have any updates, so this seems like fair game!


The Wicked + The Divine


If you’ve read any of my past articles, you know that I’m a HUGE WicDiv fan – so much so that I even use the abbreviation for the series.  The visuals for a television adaptation of this comic book would be utterly spectacular.  Aside from every effect that comes from the Pantheon concerts, Luci’s fire effects, Inanna’s flight, Dionysus’ euphoria and – SPOILER – Persephone’s vines would make for some killer fight scenes.  It’s clear that this series would require a Game of Thrones-esque budget to look as good as the story it tells, but with the right production company any special effects wouldn’t be a problem.


Young Avengers


It’s very possible that Marvel has a Young Avengers movie planned for two decades from now, but we think the social angst of the Young Avengers would be the best fit for a television screen. Imagine Eli Bradley and Kate Bishop’s teen romance unfolding over the course of a season, only to have it totally collapse a season later. Also – we want as much Wiccan and Hulkling screen time as possible, and just six hours of film isn’t enough. In fact, all of the Young Avengers characters – including Miss America and Kid Loki – deserve to have more than one story told on-screen, meaning that it’s perfect for television.

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