Dream Movie Adaptations

Dream Movie Adaptations You know when you come across a comic book and you just know it would make a great movie? There are tons of those with more...

Dream Movie Adaptations

You know when you come across a comic book and you just know it would make a great movie? There are tons of those with more being written every day. Here are our picks for the dream movie adaptations we want/need to be made. Like, right now.


Bitch Planet


Everything about this comic screams “next cult favorite movie.”  Aside from the fact that it comes from renowned author Kelly Sue Deconnick, we love the Mad Max and Orange is the New Black mashup that this film could be.  Granted, the current series is only a few issues long so there isn’t a whole lot to go on – but we think Volume 2: President Bitch is just waiting to be made into a film. Or two. Or three.





You may not be familiar with this comic miniseries, but if you’re looking for a satirical look at stardom and at superheroing, look no further than Supurbia.  A Real Housewives-esque take on living with superheroes, the miniseries could be the best superhero comedy since, well, ever. The story focuses on the spouses of DC Comics-esque heros (think of The Trinity) and is told in four concise volumes. There’s plenty of material for a new comedy franchise – hop to it, movie studios!


Tetris: The Games People Play

Tetris The Games People

We’ve written about this Tetris inspired graphic novel before so it’s no surprise we want to see this story on the big screen. What War Games was for the 80s, the story of the making of Tetris could be for this current decade.  There is an actual Tetris movie in the works (like an adaptation of the video game Tetris), and we have no idea how that will translate to film. So, as an alternative, how about we take a true, genuinely interesting story, and put that on film instead? That doesn’t seem so hard, right?


Moon Knight


Of all of the Marvel properties we want to see adapted, this is top of our list. We know Marvel can get dark, and when it does – it’s really good. Marc Spector, and his many other personalities, could be a superhero version of Memento. Who wouldn’t want to see that?  This would be a major departure from Marvel’s current film slate, but we know that James Gunn has a Moon Knight pitch that Marvel is also aware of, so thankfully we wouldn’t have to worry about finding another director!


Black Widow

Black Widow Marvel

Like, come on Marvel. It’s about god damn time.

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