Dont Dead Open Inside-What we Want from “Fear the Walking Dead”

By Corey Faneli Follow on Twitter @coreyfanelli What We Want from “Fear the Walking Dead” “Fear the Walking Dead”, the spinoff and companion series to the ever-more-popular “The Walking...

By Corey Faneli Follow on Twitter @coreyfanelli


What We Want from “Fear the Walking Dead”

“Fear the Walking Dead”, the spinoff and companion series to the ever-more-popular “The Walking Dead” debuts Sunday, August 23 and if you’re a fan of the original series I’m sure you’ll tune in to at least the first season to check out the zombie apocalypse from another angle.  With “The Walking Dead” already loved by so many I’m sure fans will be looking for similarities between the two series, though it seems that everyone involved is assuring us that “Fear” will be a whole different animal. That being said, here are a few things that we’re looking forward to seeing from the six-episode first season of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

A Different Setting

We’re going to leave our familiar location of the Georgian backwoods to a much more urban setting- Los Angeles. Sure, some parts of TWD took place in Atlanta and now outside of Washington, DC but it’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out in an area that is much more densely populated and well-known. Will there be an episode dedicated to exploring what’s left of Beverly Hills a la Zombieland? All I know is I wouldn’t mind seeing an actually-zombified Bill Murray roaming the streets, though he may be busy with his role in the new “Ghostbusters” movie.

This is one of the aspects I’m most looking forward to because while watching “The Walking Dead” I’m always left thinking “cool, but what’s going on everywhere else?” Up until the latter half of last season we only got to experience what was going on in a relatively small swath of rural Georgia so it will be great to get the point of view from somewhere that’s so different from the source material.

fear-the-walking-dead-poster-featuredLife Before Zombies

If you weren’t already aware, “Fear” is going to begin before the global outbreak that lead to the world that we’ve been exploring in TWD. Although I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re treated to our first walker it will be interesting to see what life was like immediately prior to the apocalypse. We know that by the time Rick wakes up in the pilot the world has already gone to hell. Since we don’t get much additional information on the early days it should be a real treat to experience the transition from society to chaos. I’m not sure it’s explicitly stated but Rick must have been in a coma for about a month or so which means we know things broke down pretty quickly around Atlanta. What we don’t know (but we’ll find out) is if a big city like LA will deteriorate slower or quicker than the one city we already know.


Military Action

Besides the firebombing of Atlanta and a couple other isolated incidents we don’t learn much about what kind of military response there was to the whole thing. Given that both series take place in the US you’d have to assume that there was a pretty sizeable assault against the undead and although it’s clear that things went downhill pretty quickly in Georgia, maybe the military had more luck staving off the walkers in a place like LA. I’m hoping to see some pretty large-scale military operations while such a thing still exists so hopefully that’s a place that “Fear” decides to go.

An Explanation

Who was “patient x”? Where did the disease originate? Is it natural or was it some kind of bio-weapon? I’m sure none of these questions will be answered but any explanation will be a welcome one. I know Kirkman has said that the origin isn’t what The Walking Dead is about and even admits that he regrets the few crumbs we were given in the CDC way back in season one but I’m hopeful that since we’re starting at the beginning we’ll learn a little more about whatever it is that’s infected everyone and reanimates corpses.

A Slower Pace

Now I know TWD gets ragged on by a sect of unpleasable fans whenever it tries to either slow things down or develop character but I’m hoping for a slower pace for its companion, at least in the beginning. And I don’t necessarily mean pace in terms of down-time or sparse action, what I’m looking for is for them to milk the hell out of the pre-apocalyptic world and really explore the transitional period. Before long “Fear” is going to at least look just like its sister series so why not take the time to mine all they can out of the main thing that separates them.

What do you hope to see in Fear the Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @thegeekedgods and @coreyfanelli

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