Cosmic Spider-Man-Adventures in Collecting Issue 1

Adventures in collecting by the collecting detective-Issue 1     by Ash Twitter @thatguyash1018 Facebook thegeekedgods First up Cosmic Spider-man   So as a kid I remembered hearing stories...

Adventures in collecting by the collecting detective-Issue 1


Adventures in Collection


by Ash

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Grasshopper Comics

First up Cosmic Spider-man


Cosmic Spiderman Costume

So as a kid I remembered hearing stories of Spider-man having cosmic powers which to me meant Spidey could fly. The issues left me wondering how Spider-Man is flying, where did these powers come from, how is this possible and how did one of my favorite characters become invincible. The storyline is part of the Acts of Vengeance story line a group of super Villains team up and take on different heroes. We see this story line concept in several future stories such as Wanted and Old Man Logan. During this story line Spidey somehow gets Captain Universes power and becomes Cosmic Spider-Man.  The storyline was marvelous * pun intended, but only lasted a few months and ended abruptly. After a while I forgot Cosmic Spider-Man existed until the great Dan Slott’s Spider Verse brought back the character. *Side note if you get a chance and haven’t read Dan Slott’s run on Superior Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man or Silver Surfer you are missing out on some awe-inspiring well written stories. Sorry not sorry, rant over.  In an effort to remember the story line I decided to try and find the old issues that Cosmic Spider-man appeared in.

From Spider-Verse

Spiderverse Cosmic Spiderman

After some research it was found that the Cosmic Spider-Man saga stretched 10 books across three Spiderman titles and a What if issue. Below is the list

Peter Parker #158

Photo Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man 158 Cover


Amazing Spider-man 327, 328*, 329

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man 158, 159, 160

Web of Spider-Man 59, 60, 61

What if Issue-31-What if Spider-Man kept his cosmic powers.

Cosmic Spectacular Spiderman

*Issue #328 is the last Amazing Spider-Man cover drawn by Spawn Creator and Image Co-founder Todd McFarlane.

So I prefer going to local comic shops rather than the internet because

  1. it’s a real treat to find old issues when you’re looking for them and not waiting for the mail.
  2. Comic book shops are becoming scarcer these days and we want them to keep them around.
  3. Nothing beats going to an old comic book shop and just looking at the history of comics.

Being on long Island there are a few comic book shops in the area and since I live in Suffolk I am fortunate to have 4th World Comics as my local comic book shop usually have everything I need. They are my number one comic book place.

This time however I decided to try a new comic book shop Grasshopper Comics in 76 Hills Side Avenue, Williston Park NY. Here is there website Grasshopper Comics

I walked in not knowing what to expect and but I found all the issues except Amazing Spider-man #328. Also the prices were very reasonable.

However since I was still one issue short, I decided to check out other comic book shops, however had no luck, so since I wanted to complete the collection I turned to Ebay and was able to complete the collection.

Total spent on these issues to collect the story $48 dollars.  So to complete this collection average price per issue was $4.80 per issue which is reasonable considering how remarkable the Cosmic Spider-Man storyline was.

Here is how they broke down individually and where they were found

Book Price/Condition/Grade Where did I get it
Amazing Spider-Man #327 $6 NM Grasshopper Comics
Amazing Spider-Man #328 $6 NM Ebay
Amazing Spider-Man #329 $8 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #158 $6 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #159 $7 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #160 $3 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Web of Spider-Man #59 $4 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Web of Spider-Man #60 $3 VF/NM Grasshopper Comics
Web of Spider-Man #61 $3 NM Grasshopper Comics
What if Spiderman kept his cosmic powers $2 NM Ebay
  • The basic grading scale, also known as letter grades, uses the grades from Near Mint (highest) to Poor (lowest):
    • NM Near Mint
    • VF Very Fine
    • FN Fine
    • VG Very Good
    • GD Good
    • FR Fair
    • PR Poor
  • The ten-point grading scaleassigns grades ranging from 10.0 (highest) down to 0.5 (lowest):
    • 0 GM Gem Mint
    • 9 M Mint
    • 8 NM/M Near Mint/Mint
    • 6 NM+ Near Mint+
    • 4 NM Near Mint
    • 2 NM- Near Mint-
    • 0 VF/NM Very Fine/Near Mint
    • 5 VF+ Very Fine+
    • 0 VF Very Fine
    • 5 VF- Very Fine-
    • 0 FN/VF Fine/Very Fine
    • 5 FN+ Fine+
    • 0 FN Fine
    • 5 FN- Fine-
    • 0 VG/FN Very Good/Fine
    • 5 VG+ Very Good+
    • 0 VG Very Good
    • 5 VG- Very Good-
    • 0 GD/VG Good/Very Good
    • 5 GD+ Good+
    • 0 GD Good
    • 8 GD- Good-
    • 5 FR/GD Fair/Good
    • 0 FR Fair
    • 5 PR Poor


Overall I enjoyed by trip down memory lane, it was well worth the nostalgia and to remember Cosmic Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Cosmic

Next installment next week the quest to find Neil Gaiman’s What ever Happened to the Caped Crusader Batman #686 and Detective Comics #853 and how it turned into picking up several related issues of Batman comics.

Till next time


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