Code Name: Talamh


Code Name: Talamh

Code Name: Talamh

codenametalamh_logo JPG new perfect size Writer: Ashish Thomas - Twitter-@thatguyash1018 Artist: Graham Sisk

"On Earth, No one can hear you scream"


The Space crew of the Ship Enquiry: A 7 team crew (5 Astronauts/2 Civilians-One MD Doctor, One Teacher) left earth for a six-year mission to Saturn. After an accident, the crew lost all contact with Earth. Now six years later the crew is returning to Earth after completing the mission. In the time of their space mission, the planet was conquered by Aliens. All traces of Mankind are missing with it all former friends and family and Aliens are now inhabiting the place the crew called home. How will the space crew survive and is there anything left of their home?       Issue 1 Cover Art: Graham Sisk Colors: Zachary J Maers. Instagram here Color Cover Code Name Issue #1
Nov 10, 2016Code Name: Talamh

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