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Ashish Thomas-Writer-@thatguyash1018 Jason Morales-Artist


Agent 18 tells of a world where an alien visit caused a worldwide panic, leading the government to create the Government office of Darraign (G.O.O.D) whose purpose is to keep all extraterrestrial activity from the public including the mutated humans and alien technology. However, there are some in society who feel that the world should know about the Aliens, how they have shaped technology on this planet and how the Aliens can benefit mankind. The Environmental Vigilance, intelligence Legion or (E.V.I.L)'s mission is to reveal the aliens as the extraterrestrial technology and enhanced humans to the world and the benefits they could provide society. This story tells of the struggle and conflict between the two groups, the consequences of the aliens presence in the world and the lives caught in the middle.  

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