Classic Geeky Halloween Costumes

Classic Geeky Halloween Costumes Do you forget to plan for your Halloween costume every year, despite promising you’ll do otherwise? Never fear – we have you covered.  When in...

Classic Geeky Halloween Costumes

Do you forget to plan for your Halloween costume every year, despite promising you’ll do otherwise? Never fear – we have you covered.  When in doubt, it’s best to stick with a classic costume that everyone will recognize and it definitely helps when it’s easy to DIY! Here is a list of costumes that are both timeless and geeky, a.k.a. the perfect combination.


Hogwarts Student


You don’t have to be Harry or Hermione to embrace your inner Potterhead – so long as you’re wearing a black robe (and yes, that means a black bathrobe is a-okay) and carrying a wand, you’re good to go! Of course, you should also wear your house’s colors with pride. Red for Gryffindor, Green for Syltherin, etc.


Princess Leia


We’re not suggesting that you go buy a gold bikini, but if you have the hair for it, put your hair in the Princess Leia buns (or General Organa braid) and dress for warm weather. No lightsaber needed!


Mario and Luigi


Always a perfect pair, just put on a red (or green) shirt with a matching hat and your favorite jeans.  If you have overalls to wear instead of jeans, even better! And if you have the mustache to match, it’s close to perfect.


Black Widow


Who doesn’t want to be a super spy? Wear all black and wear your hair down for this easy and empowering costume.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can temporarily dye your hair red, but it’s not required. Just say that you’re incognito Natasha and rock your natural locks.


Starship Enterprise Crew Member


You don’t have to say which crew member you are, though you could if you wanted to. So long as you have black pants and a red, yellow, or blue shirt – you’re a member of the Starship Enterprise.  If you don’t have time to pick up any additional props, definitely wear a red shirt and say you were in literally any episode of Star Trek.


The Zootopia Cast


Disney’s most recent hit showed us what the world would like without humans, so wear your human-clothes and a set of animal ears to embrace your Zootopia-counterpart! It’s a perfect combo of your favorite animal and your dream career.


Pokémon Trainer


Take the Pokémon Go craze to the next level and dress the part of a rising Pokémon master. You don’t have to go as Ash, Misty, or Brock – you can go as any of the more generic trainers from the video games, like Bug Catcher, Youngster, Lass, or somebody else altogether.  You can also dress up as your Pokémon Go avatar, which is extra easy as the outfits are customizable.


Jessica Jones


Leather jacket + jeans + combat boots + empty bottle of alcohol (as a PROP, guys), makes for an easy DIY Jessica Jones costume. Alias Investigations is on the case!


Dr. Manhattan


Take off your clothes and just paint yourself blue! Just kidding – please don’t do this. It will be very cold for you – and very uncomfortable for everyone.



Let us know your favorite Halloween Costumes in the comments below

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