Character Spotlight-Will Simpson aka Nuke One Red ,One Blue Two White gives you a monster

Spotlight on the Character Nuke They’ll see, sir. They’ll see now. America doesn’t run. America doesn’t lose. And I plan on killing the traitors.  — Nuke    Jessica Jones is...

Spotlight on the Character Nuke

They’ll see, sir. They’ll see now. America doesn’t run. America doesn’t lose. And I plan on killing the traitors. 


 Nuke 1

Jessica Jones is a great show with a dark edge that introduced many characters to us including Frank Simpson. Simpson has been around the Marvel Universe for a while as a super villain known as Nuke.  Nuke colleagues with Daredevil, Captain America, and Wolverine and has teamed up with Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts.

Daredevil232NukeScourge aka NukeSimpson vs Captain America

Nuke 3 one red

Jessica Jones Origin-Spoiler

The Will Simpson we meet in Jessica Jones is different from the Will Simpson in the MCU as his origin has changed. In Jessica Jones Will Simpson is a War Veteran, who becomes a Police Sergeant sent by Kilgrave to kill Trish Walker. After waking up from Kilgrave’s mind control, Simpson decides to eliminate Kilgrave. After the Bomb he created is used to destroy him, he reconnects with his former military unit and the group IGH to get enhanced to take on Kilgrave. His mind is also messed up, and he blames Jessica trying to take her out but fails. Eventually, IGH kidnaps Simpson… Is this the last we see of him?

Remember “One Red to get you going, Two White to Keep you even, One Blue to get you down.”

First his Aliases

Frank Simpson has gone by a few names Nuke is his most popular but he has also gone as Agent Simpson and Scourge.

Nuke 2

His Origin in the MCU-Yeah I hate Origin Stories bite me….

As part of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, Frank Simpson was part of the Weapon Plus program, the program didn’t work as it should have, and it left Simpson/Nuke severely damaged and unhinged. It’s the same program that created Captain America and made Wolverine the best he is at what he does.

Simpson’s origin story could become considered a Greek tragedy, his mother was abusive his only maternal figure was his baby sister who wanted Simpsons father and knew Simpson had feelings for her. The babysitter used Simpson’s sense for her to get him to kill his mother. As if this weren’t tragic enough incomes our favorite Canadian hero Wolverine to kidnap Simpson to participate for the Weapons Plus program.  Later on, he was sent as a Black Ops captured and tortured by Wolverine-Editors Note this is what I would want to see in a Wolverine film. Wolverine is not a nice person, but the movies won’t show this side.  

Nuke vs wolverine Nuke Vs Wolverine By Bryan Hitch

The situation broke whatever mind Simpson had. In fact, he carved the American Flag on his face and had a trigger word to stop him NO V.C.  Later on, Simpson underwent the Weapon VII initiative as part of the Project Homegrown program and turned part cyborg.. yeah really.

Scourge aka Nuke

I’m the Best at what I do and what I do isn’t very Nice-Wolverine…

Last Known appearance

Spoilers Don’t read if you don’t want to know

Last time Nuke appeared in the Marvel Universe was during the Death of Wolverine in the first book. He was working for Hydra and hunting down Wolverine.


We may see Nuke pop up in the Marvel Comic Universe soon

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