Captain Kid Vol 1-Youth isn’t always wasted on the young.

Captain Kid Vol 1-Youth isn’t always wasted on the young. They Say Youth is wasted on the Young and in most cases that are true. Captain Kid premises what...

Captain Kid Vol 1-Youth isn’t always wasted on the young.

They Say Youth is wasted on the Young and in most cases that are true. Captain Kid premises what you would do If you were older and mysteriously gained the ability to turn young and have superpowers, would you stay young all the time and use your abilities or allow yourself to be old.


Captain Kid tells the story of Chris Vargas a middle-aged man who has health issues, works at a Newspaper as a music editor (Yes, they still exist in print) and takes care of his dad living his life but Chris has a secret. Chris Vargas can turn himself into a younger super powered person known as Captain Kid. As cool as that sounds it does bring about a few issues in Chris’s life. He has no idea how he got these powers or why a mysterious woman Helea seems to be following him and who is this business man Halliday why does he want to destroy the world and how can Captain Kid stop him.


Captain Kid is a comic that takes a telling of superhero origin story and expands it to make a unique and fun story. Captain Kid is how superhero stories need to be told. Mark Waid and Tom Peyer develop the characters of Chris Vargas and Captain Kid almost unseen in superhero stories. Often in superhero stories, you get a focus on the Hero part but rarely see the hero in his daily life.  As much as I enjoyed the Captain Kid story and action the real star of the story is Chris Vargas and his everyday life. We see how Chris Vargas’s tries to balance it and the effect being a superhero has on his life. He’s questioning whether to stay in the younger body, How to keep his family from finding out and how to keep working his job while the greater purpose is to be Captain Kid and be a hero. Again it’s rare and refreshing to see the depth of being Chris Vargas and Captain Kid. Unlike most superhero stories I felt like Chris Vargas and Captain Kid story was given equal story time. The writing is top-notch only aided by the beautiful artwork and colors of the story.


The Art of Captain Kid is splendid Wilfredo Torres, and Brent Peeples bring to life the world of Captain Kid. Captain Kid art feels like a mix of the Golden Age Retro Art style combined with the modern age art techniques. The Art feels cinematic; the superhero fight sequences are fantastic. Kelly Fitzpatrick’s excellently uses color for the characters and worlds are exquisite.


Captain Kid is a fun superhero story, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt a story I could enjoy as well as my younger Nephews. It’s a throwback to the great superhero golden age. The writing of Mark Waid and Tom Peyer is excellent telling the story but leaving mysteries out there rather than tying everything up. Too many times stories reveal all their secrets too soon I like stories mysteries that leave some mystery. My favorite part of Captain Kid is the quandary that Chris is going through whether to stay Captain Kid or be Chris Vargas is an excellent question. Would Chris stay as Captain Kid all the time if his family and friends know the truth? We may soon find the answer to these questions.

old man

Overall if you enjoy Superheroes stories with great writing and art pick up a copy of Captain Kid you’ll be glad you did.

Captain Kid Vol 1-Super-People Problems

Writer: Mark Waid & Tom Peyer

Artists: Wilfredo Torres & Brent Peeples

Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letterer: A Larger World

Regular Cover Artist: Wilfredo Torres

In Stores: June 7th

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