Breaking News: JoCo Cruise, the annual nerdy cruise, announces its itinerary & pre-party – & it’s all for a good cause

JoCo Cruise, the annual nerdy cruise, announces its itinerary & pre-party – & it’s all for a good cause   JoCo Cruise is an annual cruise full of music,...

JoCo Cruise, the annual nerdy cruise, announces its itinerary & pre-party – & it’s all for a good cause

Jo Co Cruise 2018


JoCo Cruise is an annual cruise full of music, comedy and general nerdery – plus loads of celebrity guests. It’s been sailing annually since 2011 and departs San Diego on February 18, 2018 for 7 days in the Mexican Riviera.

Jo Co Cruise

What is it? Summer camp for nerds? The greatest vacation you’ll ever have? All the best parts of cons and music festivals—gaming, concerts, comedy, hanging out with your tribe—with absolute dominion over an entire cruise ship filled with free food, fruity drinks and swimming pools? Yes, yes, and yes.

Jonathan Coulton

It’s a gathering of creative makers, artists and technorati to celebrate their favorite things and discover new ones. All week long there are live performances large and small, parties and hangouts, writing and gaming events, and much, much more—all hosted by singer-songwriter and Internet-famous person Jonathan Coulton. (a.k.a. “JoCo.”)


itinerary Map


JoCo Cruise is thrilled to announce that they’ll be returning to Loreto, Mexico in 2018 where they’ll also once again host their “JoCo Cruise on Land” music and food festival. They’ve also added the additional port destinations of La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

Lorte Festival

The “At Sea” days will be filled with a range of activities – concerts, gaming, meetups, readings, workshops, crafting, happy hours, and so much more.


Sea Money Sendoff

The 1st Annual ‘Sea Monkey Send-Off’ is a one-of-a-kind exclusive festival in the famed San Diego Comic Art Gallery / IDW Publishing Headquarters featuring hand-selected local craft beer, authentic Mexican street tacos, live music and large format video games. It will take place on February 17 – the night before the cruise ship departs. Best of all, proceeds for the event benefit Traveling Stories, a San Diego non-profit that provides books and reading experiences for children in need.




JoCo Cruise has once again partnered with Worldbuilders, a charity founded by New York Time bestselling author (and frequent JoCo Cruise guest), Pat Rothfuss. A portion of the profits from the 2018 cruise will benefit the organization.


Additionally, a cabin on the 2018 cruise is featured as part of the “Geeks Doing Good” fundraiser. Donate to a good cause for a chance to win a cabin or a ton of other geeky goods. You can also pre-order a signed copy of the upcoming 10th Anniversary Edition of The Name of the Wind.


Visit for your chance to win!


If you just can’t wait to book your week-long, geeky vacation now, JoCo Cruise cabins are available for purchase now from


JoCo Cruise 2018 sails February 18-25 on Holland America’s ms Oosterdam from San Diego with ports of call throughout the Sea of Cortez.


For future updates, follow @JoCoCruise on Twitter & Instagram and at #jococruise

Check out past cruise guests.

Past cruise guests have included


* John Flansburgh (from They Might Be Giants)

* Jean Grae

* Imogen Heap

* Zoë Keating

* Ted Leo

* Aimee Mann

* Paul and Storm

* John Roderick

* Sara & Sean Watkins (from Nickel Creek)


Comedians and Performers

* Michael Ian Black

* Rhea Butcher

* Cameron Esposito

* Hank Green

* John Hodgman

* Grant Imahara

* Hari Kondabolu

* Wil Wheaton



* Allie Brosh *(Hyperbole and a Half)*

* Matt Inman *(The Oatmeal)*

* N.K. Jemison

* Randall Munroe *(xkcd)*

* Patrick Rothfuss (The *Kingkiller Chronicles* series)

* John Scalzi *(Old Man’s War; Redshirts)*

And many, many more. Guests for 2018 to be announced in the coming months!


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