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What’s a superhero without a sidekick? It’s important for a superhero to be able to stand on their own, but it definitely helps when they have a younger or...

What’s a superhero without a sidekick? It’s important for a superhero to be able to stand on their own, but it definitely helps when they have a younger or inexperienced character that stands right next to them.  Somebody a superhero can train, teach, and then let move on to their next stage of life.

SideKicks covers

Of course, not all sidekicks are created equal.  For every Winter Solider, you get a D-Man, a H.E.R.B.I.E., and Beppo the Super-Monkey. (Yikes.) Never fear, though! We’ve got a list of the best superhero sidekicks so you can put your mind at ease.


Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes

Though he’s best known as the Winter Soldier now, Bucky became friends with Steve Rogers before he became Captain America. Once he discovered his friend’s secret identity, Bucky insisted that he join the team and so he did. Though they mostly fought World War II villains, they also fought major Marvel baddies like Baron Zemo and the Grandmaster.  Of course, he “died” in 1945, seemingly defeated in battle, but that’s a whole other story.  His devotion to Captain America and to fighting for justice makes him one of the best superhero sidekicks, as does his eventual transformation into a full superhero in his own right.




Heck yes, she counts! If you saw Kick-Ass on screen and didn’t immediately fall in love with this bloodthirsty, swear-heavy ten-year-old vigilante, then superhero comics aren’t for you.  Aside from being incredibly ferocious in battle, her origin story of fighting with (and then losing) her father when fighting the supervillain powers that be is iconic for modern superhero comics.  Plus, even though she was a sidekick, she managed to stay front and center throughout the story.


Robin (Dick Grayson)


It would be unfair to list all 6 Robins under one point, so for now we’re choosing the best of the Robins – Dick Grayson.  The first Robin’s origin story is, again, iconic, and he paved the path for all of Batman’s future sidekicks (which is no easy feat). Since then, he’s used his acrobatic and stealth skills to become a protector of Gotham as well as a globe-trotting superspy.  We’re sure we’ll see him on the big screen in the future, and we can’t wait.


Harley Quinn

Harley quinn

Supervillains have sidekicks too! There’s no better representation of a supervillain sidekick than Harley Quinn, who even when she was created as an ancillary animated character, she took the spotlight and grew into a popular character within the DC Universe.  Not that we’re complaining, of course, her combination of humor, violence, and unpredictability makes her one of the most compelling comic book characters that we have right now.


Barbara Gordon


There might be six Robins, but there’s only one Batgirl.  Barbara Gordon was Batman’s first female sidekick and easily one of his best, but once she was injured and out of commission, her search for justice didn’t stop there. She became the Oracle, using her tech savvy to gain information other superheroes could act upon and continued to fight crime with the Birds of Prey and other Gotham heroes.

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