Best Game of Thrones Moments before Season 7 Premiere

  It’s the show that has the whole world talking – for more reasons other than really cool special effects. The dense plots and fascinating characters that came from...


It’s the show that has the whole world talking – for more reasons other than really cool special effects. The dense plots and fascinating characters that came from the cult classic fantasy series has become a global phenomenon – and it’s led to some of the best moments in television history.  We’ve compiled some of the best moments from the show (so far) in this easy to read list. Though we’d recommend you actually watch the show instead of just read about it, this list is a great primer for the upcoming season.


(Obviously, spoilers ahead.)

5. Ned Stark’s Death, Season 1

Ned Stark

I told you there’d be spoilers in this article!! This was the first realization the audience had about exactly what kind of show Game of Thrones was going to be. Yes, it’s not the most surprising death looking back on the show as a whole, but it’s an important one. It’s the starting point for both Arya and Sansa’s major character arcs, and it also a major instigator for the first on-screen war.  Also, if you were one of the many viewers who was drawn into the show because of Sean Bean’s major role, well – this probably flipped your lid.


4. Jaime Lannister Loses His Hand, Season 3


Game of Thrones usually saves its major moments for the end of the season – but not in this case. The show proved that it’s willing to “go there” by making major character changes, and having the episode end on this big moment was a turning point for Jaime.  Aside from being a moment that made the audience feel more sympathy than hate for the almost-child murderer, it shows that the Game of Thrones team knows that pain is sometimes more significant than death. That’s an important lesson for a TV show to teach – that life can be worse than death.


3. Battle of the Blackwater, Season 2


Yeah, Tyrion Lannister was the cool character you loved to quote at parties, but this was the sequence that defined him and his family’s characters for the rest of the show.  Tyrion became more than just the quippy imp and Cersei became more than just the shrewd woman behind the throne.  Any moment where the Lannister’s family drama is on full display (especially if it’s in the middle of a war zone) makes for great storytelling.


2. The Battle of the Bastards, Season 6

Bastard Bowl

Hell. Yes.  We waited for this fight for so long and this did not disappoint. For years-long fans of Game of Thrones, this was so incredibly rewarding.  Whether you lived for the moment where Ramsey finally got what was coming to him, when Jon Snow climbs his way out of a pile of dead soldiers, or just for every beautifully orchestrated shot that that episode consisted of. After years of waiting, the show delivered for its loyal fans.


Bastard Bowl 1 gifs


1.Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, Season 1


Pretty much any great moment with Daenerys can go here, but this is the most important one of them all. Seeing Daenerys triumph over her oppressors and over the path that was “structured” for her to become the Mother of Dragons is an amazing moment – especially if you relate to Daenerys in literally any capacity. We’re expecting to see more of these moments throughout Seasons 7 and 8, but maybe with bigger dragons.








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