Best Comic Books for Gifting this Year

BEST COMIC BOOKS FOR GIFTING THIS YEAR  It’s that time of year! You know, the one where you get to panic about what gifts you’re going to buy to...


It’s that time of year! You know, the one where you get to panic about what gifts you’re going to buy to show people that you “really care.” Or, if you’re a different kind of gift giver, you can give a gift that subtly implies that your friend/family member/S.O. should be reading something new. Like, say, that new comic you just gave them! Here are the ones that you should gift this holiday season (because who doesn’t want to read an amazing comic?)


Paper Girls, Volume 1


If your friend is counting down the days until Stranger Things releases its second season, Paper Girls will help fill the void in the meantime.  The story follows a group of four newspaper delivery girls who uncover a major secret that has implication in the real world and in the supernatural one.  You can trust that this story is worth reading – aside from being in its fourth volume, Paper Girls is written by Saga’s Brian K. Vaughan so you know it’s really, really good.


Moon Knight, Volume 1


Written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Greg Smallwood, Moon Knight is Marvel’s coolest character that you don’t know yet. Moon Knight has a little bit of The Punisher, Legion, Batman, and Daredevil in him – and we don’t just say that because he has different personalities.  Moon Knight has been a part of the Marvel Universe for years, but this run has been the character’s best yet.  For somebody who really likes popular antiheroes but is looking for something new, this is a great read.


Tetris: The Games People Play


Think that a story about the making of Tetris would be boring? Think again.  In this graphic novel, Box Brown shares the secret fights, back-door deals, and overall hullabaloo that Tetris sparked after it was created.  Aside from being a great gift for Tetris-lovers, people who love history, pop culture, and (of course) video games will consider this a must-read – as soon as you put it in their stocking.


The Legend of Wonder Woman, Volume 1


Out of the ashes of The New 52 come the Rebirth of Wonder Woman (pun intended) and man is it a good read.  For any future heroine who is biding their time until the release of Wonder Woman next year, The Legend of Wonder Woman is a perfect introduction to Diana Prince and the world of comic as a whole.  Also, if you’re thinking this is a good gift for a member of the younger generation, the gift-getter can read the volume digitally – courtesy of comiXology.


March: Book One


It’s no secret that 2016 has been a rough year. We’ve had several beloved celebrity deaths, the presidential election was a disaster, and we literally can’t think of one good thing that happened to the world this year. So, if 2016 has inspired somebody you know to get politically active, March: Book One is a perfect way to remind your special someone that good always wins in the end.  March tells the story of John Lewis’ fight for civil and human rights with art by Eisner-winner Nate Powell.  A year that’s been so utterly awful deserves an inspiring story to cap it off.

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