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Comic books have a reputation as silly and far-fetched – and sometimes, that’s said as a good thing.  Because comics are willing to “go there,” comic books old and...

Comic books have a reputation as silly and far-fetched – and sometimes, that’s said as a good thing.  Because comics are willing to “go there,” comic books old and new have created some excellent plot twists, turns, and cliffhangers that are now considered legendary.  Not sure what we mean? Here’s our list of the best plot twists and the reasons why they’re so great.


(Obviously, there are spoilers below.)


“I did it thirty-five minutes ago.”






For many reasons, Watchmen is considered one of the greatest comic books and graphic novels of all time.  Yes, we have amazing characters like Rorschach and the Comedian, but we also have one of the best twists in modern comics.  Not only is golden boy Ozymandias is the true villain of the story, but he’s responsible for the destruction of New York City. And before you think that the story has a happy ending and Ozymandias was ultimately defeated – you’d be wrong.  As the heroes get Ozymandias to “confess,” they find out that he’s already won. It’s rare that you see such a huge loss for superheroes and the emotional aftermath of what Ozymandias has done resonates so deeply that you can’t help but re-read the scene over and over again.


R.I.P. Glenn


Despite the number of characters who have died in The Walking Dead (the comic book series, not the television show), there are have been a few deemed “untouchable” by fans.  Rick Grimes and Carl, for example, will probably  last the whole of the series, and so – many fans thought – would Glenn.  Yet, come issue #100, Glenn was killed.  Not by zombies, like in a non-canon story, but by the group’s newest antagonist and his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.

negan-bashes-glenn-did-the-walking-dead-creator-reveal-that-spoilers-was-going-to-die-next-jpeg-269881 negan-killed-glenn

There’s a reason Glenn’s death was put in the 100th issue – it was a game-changer. . Glenn’s death was truly shocking because of its sheer brutality, but also because it was so unexpected (which is saying something for The Walking Dead, since they kill their major characters pretty frequently).


‘The Night Gwen Stacy Died’


Now considered a classic storyline, the death of Gwen Stacy changed Spider-Man comics forever.  Though it seems silly now (especially since we have Spider-Gwen running around), Gwen Stacy’s death was a permanent mark on Peter Parker’s “great responsibility” mantra.  It forces him to grow up and take ownership of all his actions (good and bad) and has a huge effect on the person he becomes.  One of the most shocking aspects, though, is how Gwen Stacy’s death stuck.  Similar to the death of Uncle Ben, Gwen’s death is one of the few “lasting” deaths in comic book history.







Barbara Gordon Paralyzed


The Killing Joke is a classic Batman and Joker tale, but one of the most prominent moments of the story doesn’t revolve around either of those characters.  At the story’s beginning (not even the end!) the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon (then Batgirl) and paralyzes her.  Though the rest of the story focuses on Batman’s hunt for the Joker, the fact that this incident turns Barbara from Batgirl into the Oracle – a tech-savvy, wheelchair bound heroine – was a twist that nobody saw coming.  It re-defined what it means to be a comic book hero for generations, and the Oracle’s legacy still lasts today.


Killing Joke



Did we get the Best Comic Twists, what are some of your favorite twists-Let us know in the comments below or on twitter @Thegeekedgods

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