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  • ScalesAndScoundrels_Vol01 Web cover

    Sebastian Girner-Scales And Scoundrels-Interview

    Sebastian Girner-Scales And Scoundrels-Interview Check out this special edition of the Geeked Gods Interview Podcast Scales and Scoundrels Vol 1 is out now: Pick it up wherever you buy Graphic Novels-Do it, it’s quite good. We chat with Sebastian Girner about his and Galaad’s new Image Comics series Scales...
  • POE02_cvr site

    The Geeked Gods Interviews-Zack Kaplan Port of Earth

            We got the chance to talk to Zack Kaplan about the new Image Comic Series Port of Earth We talk about the series his other series Eclipse. What it’s like to collaborate with artist’s overseas? Things he learned going from screenwriting to writing for comics....
  • coyotes 2 web

    The Geeked Gods Interviews-Sean Lewis- Coyotes

    Got the chance to interview Sean Lewis about his third image series Coyotes. We find all about the new series, strong female protagonists, collaboration and advice for new writers and artists. Every time we have Sean on is a pleasure and we learn something new…. Hosted by Ashish Thomas...
  • Closed cover

    This isn’t a goodbye forever but a goodbye for now….

    This isn’t easy to announce But for now, The Geeked Gods will be on hiatus, for now, the plan is to return eventually earliest would be January latest would be March. It has been a real pleasure doing this site and bringing content we love to you. This isn’t...
  • Long island Serial Killers podcast cover

    The Geeked Gods Podcast-Long Island Serial Killers

      Long Island is a scary place… We have a haunted house (Amityville) The facility that Stranger Things is based on (Camp Hero) and a Horse Fucker (Really from Dix Hills) WTF LI man with history of animal abuse arrested for ‘sexual misconduct with horses’ People think Long Island has...
  • Guess the Creep web

    Guess the Creep 2-Can you tell the Creep from their quote

      It’s back, It’s been a while…. You didn’t ask for it but its here. It’s Guess the Creep part 2….. Part of an episode we recorded last October before Trump became President and never released. Can you guess the creep from Monty Burns, Donald Trump, Kanye West, Cobra...
  • DK cover

    The Dark Knight Review-Road To Justice League

    The Dark Knight Review-Road To Justice League By James “The Night” O’Donnell The Dark Knight probably the single most revered comic book movie ever made. It has been dissected, honored, imitated so by now you’ve probably got a pretty good idea about what makes it so great. There are...
  • AUG171129 COVER

    FU JITSU #2 Review

    FU JITSU #2 Review By Ashish Thomas   When we left Fujitsu #1 Fu Jitsu returning to the world after a breakup. Fu’s mortal enemy Robert Wadlow escaped prison got the Atomic Kitana, sent an assassin after Fu.  Fu then focuses on stopping Wadlow when an old friend appears....
  • BTRASH_01_COVA_72dpi cover

    Brilliant Trash #1-Review

    Brilliant Trash #1-Review By Ashish Thomas To say I am excited about Brilliant Trash is an understatement, I am a big fan of Tim Seeley, Nightwing/Grayson, Revival, Hack/Slash. The wait is over we got an advanced copy of Brilliant Trash which is another comic gem in a fabulous career....
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