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    The Normals #1-Review-Was it all a Dream?

    The Normals # 1 Review-Was it all a Dream? By Ashish Thomas @thatguyash1018 Wow, I am Speechless but in a good way I just read the first issue of The Normals the new AfterShock series written by Adam Glass with Art by Dennis Calero, and after reading the issue...
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    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Mortal Kombat

        Get Over Here and listen to…….. MORTAL KOMBAT It’s time for……. Mortal Kombat cue Techno Beat   This is one of the most ridiculous, unintentionally hilarious and terribly acted movies out there. However, this is one of the best Video game movies which is fucking scary. So listen...
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    Black Eyed Kids Vol 2-Creepy Kids at their Creepiest

    B.E.K Black Eyed Kids Vol 2   One of the Creepiest Urban Legends is that of the Black Eyed Kids. If you don’t know the urban legend Black Eyed Kids are these supernatural creatures who pose as children, who are seen panhandling and appearing on Door Steps. The Black...
  • guyfieri conspiracy theories cover

    Down The Rabbit Hole-Conspiracy Theories 3: The Guy Fieri Chronicles

        It’s time once more to go Down the Rabbit Hole its time for Conspiracy Theories 3-The Guy Fieri Chronicles RFK Assassination Sirhan Sirhan-MK Ultra Victim Multiple Shooters The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress.     Regan Assassination Bush responsible-Bush family ties to the would’be Assassin What...
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    Free Comic Book Day Rundown LI, Brooklyn, Queens

    Free Comic Book Day Rundown LI and NYC If your not aware May 6th and May 7th is Free Comic Book day Do you know what that is… From Wikipedia Free Comic Book Day is an annual promotional effort by the North American comic book industry to help bring new...
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    Review: Pestilence #1-When a plague is not a plague

      Pestilence #1-When a plague is not a plague The Black Plague was a terrible time in history millions of people approximately 75-100 million people died after contracting this deadly disease. But what if everything we know about it was a lie, what if there was another cause for...
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    Down the Rabbit Hole: Marijuana

    Down the Rabbit Hole: Marijuana       It’s time to go Down the Rabbit Hole……. smoke Weed every day… With Jbonez420, Sweet Leaf Wolfe and Hash just Hash We look at Weed Marijuana and 420 and go down the rabbit hole We look at Snoop Dog, the origins...
  • Reefer Madness Web

    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Reefer Madness

    This Ain’t Right Movie Podcast-Reefer Madness       Marihuana is a scourge that will cause the degradation of society. We watched Reefer Madness for 420 Ash “Hash” Thomas, Glen “Sweet Leaf” Wolfe and James J Bonez 420 O’Donnell take you on a journey into Reefer Madness…… Will we...
  • Absolution Effect Logo website

    Absolution Effect Issue 1 now In Technicolor no just Color

    Check out this Preview Page of Absolution Effect #1 now coming in Color Stay tuned for more pages coming soon...
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