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  • RockCandyMountain-V01_cvr web

    Rockcandy Mountain Vol 1 Review

    Rockcandy Mountain Vol 1-Review By Ashish Thomas Hobo Fights, The Devil, The Rail Road what more do you want. Let me start this review by saying I am a big fan of this series. Kyle Starks is an awesome person if you haven’t check out our interview with Kyle...
  • JUL171314 WEB

    Black Eyed Kids # 14-Review

    Black Eyed Kids #14-Review By Ashish Thomas The Black Eyed Kids is a great horror comic which keeps getting better with each issue. Check out our previous review of Black Eyed Kids Vol 2 here If there was one issue that was shocking to read it is this one,...
  • JUL171309 COVER

    Unholy Grail #3 Review

    Unholy Grail #3 Review By Ashish Thomas Unholy Grail is a dark retelling of Merlin, King Arthur, and Camelot. The latest chapter in the story comes out Wednesday, and it sets in motion many things. Check out our review of Unholy Grail #1 here The issue kicks off with...
  • SavageTown_Vol1_Cvr_Front_v5 cover

    Savage Town Vol 1 review-This is Jimmy Savage’s Neighborhood

    Savage Town-Review by Ashish Thomas   We had the distinct pleasure of getting an advanced copy of Savage Town from Image Comics. I was very excited because I am a big fan of Declan Shalvey’s and his work couldn’t wait to read Savage Town. Savage Town takes place in...
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    Mr. Mercedes review

    Mr. Mercedes-Episodes 1 Reviews by Ashish Thomas This Summer Television season has been one for the Ages, We got Twin Peaks, the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, Season 3 of Rick and Morty (I’m Pickle Rick) but one of the best series is this AT&T Original Mr. Mercedes...
  • IMG_6032 COVER

    Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 Review

    Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 Review By Ashish Thomas This week marks the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite Psychologist Harley Quinn first appearance on Batman the Animated Series.  Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in the DCU it’s nice to see how far the character has...
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    Maestros #1 Review

    Maestros #1 Review  By Ashish Thomas I had the pleasure of getting an advanced copy of Maestro’s from Image Comics easily a front-runner for favorite new Image Comics series. Maestros take us to the world called Zainon where it’s learned that the King Meethra Kahzar the Maestro and the royal family has...
  • BABYTEETH_04_FINAL_LR_Page_01 cover

    Babyteeth #4 Review

    Babyteeth #4-Review By Ashish Thomas What would you do if your child was the Antichrist the destroyer of the world we live. Would you take care of your child raise it and hope for the best? If you need a refresher check out our Review of Babyteeth #1 here  ...
  • PESTILENCE_04_FINAL_LR_Page_01 cover

    Pestilence #4 Review-God save the Pope

    Pestilence #4 Review-God save the Pope By Ashish Thomas The Black Plague was a terrible time in history millions of people approximately 75-100 million inhabitants died after contracting this deadly disease. But what if everything we know about it was a lie, what if there was another cause for...
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