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So welcome everyone to the first article of the Download Box here on This article is going to focus on the most anticipated shows for 2015 with a...


So welcome everyone to the first article of the Download Box here on

This article is going to focus on the most anticipated shows for 2015 with a few honorable mentions for 2016. The list represents a shift in television, it seems more and more Creators are turning to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to put original content on their services. I wonder what major network television will look like as these changes continue. Also a kudos to Marvel for embracing Netflix to bring awesome characters to life cant wait for Daredevil April 10 Netflix. So here are the shows in no particular order that I am really anticipating.  Let us know what shows you’re anticipating.

– Ash

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-Netflix-March 16

I think this show has a lot going for it created by Tina Fey featuring the delightful Ellie Kemper this show seems like it will be comedy gold for smart people. Also NBC passing on it only makes me want to watch it more. I do love the premise but wasn’t there an Alicia Silverstone movie about this I think this could still work.

Sense 8-Netflix-TBD

Sense 8 is a Sci-Fi show about 8 strangers from around the world finding themselves coming together after a death hmmm sounds familiar but I like it. Editors Note apparently this is not a gritty reboot of the Show 8 is enough –Damn but Still looks good.

Daredevil-Netflix-April 10

No, this is not the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie on Netflix instant streaming. I can promise you Ben Affleck had nothing to do with this. However a cameo would be hilarious but I don’t think it’s happening. Anyhow the trailer, only make me want to see this more. Hopefully Daredevil won’t have a “Bale Batmanesque voice”.

Jessica Jones-Netflix-TBD

Wow I am excited for this based on the people that were cast for the roles especially Rachael Taylor. This is another show brought by the partnership between Marvel and Netflix and is currently shooting to be released. I like that Marvel and Netflix took a chance on a popular but lesser known character in the comic universe. Kudos to Marvel for bringing another strong female centered lead character to the forefront of a television show.


It’s a popular show from beyond the pond based on a graphic novel. It feels like a show within a show. Also its being directed by David Fincher, can’t wait. I wonder if it will be suspenseful with ominous tones played in the back ground.

Show Me Hero-HBO-TBD

This show has a great cast including the new Benedict Cumberbatch –Oscar Isaac. I can’t wait to see how Paul Haggis makes the plot points work and how the Young Mayor desegregates his town and the downfall it causes.

Wayward Pines-Fox-TBD

I describe this show as M. Night Shamalyamadingdongs homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks-Hopefully it will be more than that I will have an open mind I wondering if there will be a shocking ending.


The spinoff of Walking Dead I can’t wait for. I have been a fan of the Walking dead for a while and read the comic book I can’t wait to be surprised by the show as other Walking Dead fans have been. Now I want Invincible to be green lit by AMC.


I wonder if the pitch meeting was the odd couples being rebooted lets do an odd couple but there FBI and local Detectives. One will be messy the rule breaking cop, the other the neat one the good cop. In all seriousness it’s being done by Vince Gilligan who I adore and do think this will be an awesome show.


Truth time-I love this comic from Chris Robertson and Michael Allred, the premise is a girl is undead and needs to eat brains to keep alive. She works at the morgue so she gets access to brains. When she eats brains she gets a person’s memories and if they died with mysterious death she investigates and avenges the person. If this sounds a little Veronica Mars it’s because Rob Thomas who created Veronica Mars is the show’s creator.

Game of Thrones- Season 5-HBO

I cannot wait to be transported Westeros again.  This season is based upon books a feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, however in an interview with showbiz 411 George R.R. Martin revealed that this season there will be a departure from books as some deaths this season where not in these books. Let’s speculate as to who will not make it to season 6.

Also if you haven’t seen check this parody out

Two 2016 shows I can’t wait for


DAMN FINE CUP of COFFEE, cannot wait for twin peaks to come back and with Kyle MacLachlan back this will be epic.

Supergirl-CBS-Fall 2015/2016

I am a fan of Supergirl , I am glad there is another strong female character coming as a main character which I feel before Agent Carter, television has lacked since Buffy went off the air. The production team behind this is also behind the Flash and knows how to do comic book heroes right. Also with the news that Helen Slater and Dean Cain will have roles in the show I am excited. I am hoping for a Flash/Supergirl cross over which may happen.


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