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BY Ash @thatguyash1018 Mr. Simeti thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by the Geeked Gods site, My name is Ashish Thomas and this is the second in an...

BY Ash


Mr. Simeti thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by the Geeked Gods site,

My name is Ashish Thomas and this is the second in an interview series about interesting people.

Alterna Comics is a creator owned comic company which produces many books of varying Genres. The company produce digital works as well as print and currently working to make  their novel the Chair into a motion picture. Check out the Alterna Comics website here and check out the Kickstarter for the Chair here.  We here at the Geeked Gods encourage you to give to the Kickstarter , we did and purchase a comic. There is something for everyone on the site. Also follow Peter Simeti on twitter at @petersimeti and Alterna comics @Alternacomics

I have to say Mr. Simeti is one of the nicest easiest interviews I have had the pleasure of doing and can’t wait to see the chair when it comes out.


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Alterna Comics publishes several genres, Mysteries (Diary of the Black Widow), Horror (The Chair), Zombies and War (FUBAR), Funny anecdotes about work (Hello Do YOU Work Here?), classics (SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE PAINFUL PREDICAMENT OF ALICE FAULKNER), Space Odysseys(Adam Wreck and the Kalosian Pirates) –

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Q-How do you choose what Genres make it for release?

A-I don’t really judge books based on genre so much as whether or not the book has quality art, writing, lettering, story, and characters.

Q-How did Alterna Comics get started?

A-We first started off with print-on-demand single issues that we sold directly online and to comic shops and then in 2007 we obtained national distribution with Diamond and Partners Publishers Group.

Q-How has embracing Digital Media helped Alterna Comics?

A-I think that digital comics have helped level the playing field for independent books – although now, the playing field is even larger so there’s more competition to stand out from the crowd.

Q-Do you feel that like books comic fans have shifted to prefer digital comic books vs print comic books?

A-I can’t really speak for most comic fans, but we’ve noticed that our digital sales have been outnumbering our print sales at a rate of about 3 to 1.  I think part of that is because digital books are always “in stock” where as a print title can sell out or go out of print and circulation.

Q-What are the process differences between Digital and Print?

A-The only difference would be that physical books are solicited to the book market or comics market and go to press.  Other than that, the creative process is basically the same.

Q-How does the Submission Process work? Why do you think creator-owned comics have increased in visibility, do you think crowdfunding has aided creator-owned comics?

A-There’s just more outlets for creator-owned books now, so I think that’s why we’re seeing a boom of sorts.  Crowdfunding has been great for getting exposure to a book but it’s been an odd outlet because a lot of the time, it can exhaust an audience from wanting to hear more about the book.  So it’s important to keep a crowdfunding campaign – and your product – in a constant state of flux, finding new angles and new ways to go with it and introduce people to it.

Q-Are there any Genres that Alterna Comics is looking to include in its current roster that it has not yet?

A-Not really. We’ve kinda got a bit of everything, really.

Q-How do Comic Book Shops order Alterna Comics for their stores?

A-Comic shops can get our books through Diamond Comics Distributors or through our book market distributor Partners Publishers Group.


fubar press

Q-Alterna Comics recently entered into a partnership with FUBAR Press, are there any other partnerships coming? How did the partnership with FUBAR Press come about?

A-Well, we’ve had a partnership with FUBAR Press for about 5 years now.  We’ve recently brought them on board as an imprint of Alterna – similar to how Vertigo is an imprint of DC Comics.  FUBAR Press is operated by Jeff McComsey, art director Steve Becker, and story editor Jeff McClelland – they mostly center around stories that are a bit grittier and tend to genre-mash horror with historical fiction.

At this time we have no other plans to take on or introduce another imprint.


Chair FilmQ-The Chair is becoming a motion picture, explain how it feels to have your book become a motion picture, How did the process evolve, When you were writing the Chair was the motion picture part of the plan?

A-It’s all a bit surreal honestly. I’ve been too busy with it to actually be star-struck by it…haha.  It’s been a very interesting experience though and something I’ll remember the rest of my life.  As far as The CHAIR  being made into a motion picture – I don’t think any author really “plans” for that kind of thing, I know I didnt.

Q-How did the Kickstarter evolve and are you happy with the results?

A-So far the Kickstarter is coming along nicely and we’re on pace to reach our goal.  It’s been a great experience meeting so many people through it and becoming close with quite a few.  There’s an aspect of Kickstarter that is more than just a “money for product” exchange – it’s a nice camaraderie that exists as we’re all pushing for a project to succeed.

Q-Any plans for any other Alterna Comics properties to become motion pictures or become television properties?

A-Alterna is a creator-owned company, so if there are any other plans in the works, I’m generally not made aware of them until deals are signed.  That being said, there’s quite a few titles at Alterna that would adapt well to TV or film and I hope the right people give them a look.


Thank You

Can’t wait for the chair but like I said in the interview there are so many properties in the Alterna Comics Lineup that would suit television and movies hopefully Hollywood will listen. Also if you’re a comic book shop you should do yourself a favor and carry these titles.

Till next time


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