Advanced Review of Crosswind #1: Friday Freaky or Freaky Friday

Crosswind #1 What would you do if you suddenly changed places with someone you don’t know? In Crosswind #1 we meet two people Cason Ray Bennett and Juniper Elanore...

Crosswind #1

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What would you do if you suddenly changed places with someone you don’t know?

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In Crosswind #1 we meet two people Cason Ray Bennett and Juniper Elanore Blue their lives are completely different yet in some ways living confined and controlled lives. Cason works for the mafia as a hitman and possibly cleaner. He seems constricted and controlled working for the Mob. His life is controlled by the Mob Boss who spouts orders that Cason must comply with even if he doesn’t agree.    On the flip side, Juniper Elanore Blue is a stepmom housewife whose seems to be living a life controlled by her family. Her Husband is a jerk who is verbally abusive, and cheating on her and her stepson seem’s to not care about her, yet she takes it. Also, Juniper must deal with the boys in the town who sexually harass her when she says something about it Juniper is told to do nothing its boys being boys. A stranger meets Cason and prophetically tells him that “In the darkness, you touch…and one said, ‘Oh, my God’ and the other said, ‘Oh, thank God.’” In an inopportune moment, it seems something occurs, and we will have to wait till the next issue to see how it turns out.

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Crosswind is billed as “Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas.” After reading the first issue, this billing is fitting. Gail Simone introduces these characters although from afar they seem to be opposites they are both living being restrained by their environment. Cason’s work with the mob forces him to do their bidding. It leaves him conflicted as he knows some of what the mob is telling him to do is wrong but cannot disobey the mob. Its Juniper’s story that shines in the first issue, several times reading Junipers story I wanted to punch her husband and or Step Son. She is trapped in an abusive relationship and unappreciated by her step-son. It made me sad to see Juniper left on her own to deal with the harassment of the town boys. I can’t wait to see what happens when Cason meets Junipers Husband. Freaky Friday indeed

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One of my favorite aspects of Crosswind is the dialogue. Some of Cason’s dialogue is the funniest things I have read.  The opening scene in the book had me cracking up, reminding me of times when I was younger where my friends and I would try and get under each other’s skin. The book had me laughing at some points with Cason’s story while with Juniper’s story left me sad and Angry in a way only a good story can move you.

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Cat Staggs art is immense and lifelike often looking like a cross between a painting and a photograph. The artwork looks lifelike but several times conveyed the feeling of something ominous was about to happen. To grasp the full detail of the art, you must look past the beautiful suburban drawings and the surreal surroundings and look deeper in the shadows something is lurking.  The art works well with the story and showcases the subdued side of life and the craziness that is about to come upon Cason and Juniper’s world.

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Crosswind # 1 does an excellent job of setting up the story for the future. It introduces these characters making you feel for them and their situations. Overall cannot wait to see where this story goes especially the situations that the body swap creates for Cason and Juniper. A unique take on body-switching stories one that the creative team of Gail Simone and Cat Staggs will take to new heights.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this issue on 6/21


Publisher: Image Comics

Story by: Gail Simone

Art by: Cat Staggs

Release date: 6/21

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