5 Outside-the-Box Picks for Doctor Who’s New Companion

5 Outside-the-Box Picks for Doctor Who’s New Companion by Tahlia Merrill Kirk It’s not really a spoiler anymore to discuss Jenna Coleman’s departure from Doctor Who. Heck, it was...

5 Outside-the-Box Picks for Doctor Who’s New Companion

by Tahlia Merrill Kirk

It’s not really a spoiler anymore to discuss Jenna Coleman’s departure from Doctor Who. Heck, it was officially announced before the fateful episode even aired. Personally, I am quite pleased to see Clara leave because I always found her incredibly boring. Her character fit the same cookie cutter model for companions that we’ve seen since New Who began. They’re all young spunky women from Britain. I’m all for strong female leads, but seriously, it’s time to shake things up a bit, Moffat.


Here are some companion choices that would break the mold:

1 Young davros

  1. A little boy around the age of nine: This would be a great contrast to Capaldi in particular because of the large age gap. Plus, it’s a way to have a different style of companion without making the show feel dominated by testosterone. Maybe he’s the son of a previous companion or perhaps an older Stormageddon.

2 Strax


  1. An alien: And preferably an alien that doesn’t look identical to a human (sorry, Osgood–you’re a cool character, but wouldn’t make a unique companion).


I know the purpose of having a human companion is so the audience has someone they can relate to, but cmon, we’re gonna be in Season 10. I think it’s time to broaden our horizons. After spending so much traveling with humans, an alien companion would have a completely different way of viewing the world. How does it play out when London is attacked, but it isn’t the companion’s  home?

3 Imelda Staunton


  1. A feisty granny: This would have been awesome when Matt Smith was the Doctor, but I suppose now she would just end up as a love interest for Capaldi’s Doctor. But next time we get a young Doctor, let’s pair him up with plucky granny type who’s set in her ways and has a mind of her own. It would be really interesting to explore a motherly figure for the Doctor.


4 Maisie


  1. Someone the Doctor Doesn’t Trust: This idea was inspired by the buzz around Maisie Williams’ character Ashildr/Me as a possible companion. Now, I know this isn’t possible because of Williams’ involvement in Game of Thrones, but let’s just pretend….


I originally hated the idea because I would fit the cliche companion mold perfectly. But as soon as I saw “Face the Raven”, I changed my mind. Because of those (spoilery) events, Me became a source of conflict for the Doctor. If she traveled with him, they would have a radically different dynamic than any previous companion. He would never fully trust her and, because of her special abilities, he wouldn’t be constantly trying to protect her.


Ah, well, a missed opportunity there, but I’m sure the show could find another character from the past who would fit a similar bill.


  1. One of these brilliant actors: So far, this list has been character types that would make an interesting plot, but how about we just pick a brilliant actor and see what the writers can do with it?

5A Richard Ayoade

  1. Richard Ayoade (because Capaldi’s Doctor could use someone who could make him laugh)

5B Danny Pudi

  1. Danny Pudi (Because Community proved he is a seriously talented actor, and Who could showcase his ability to play a different type of role. And he’s not British, which may make him less appealing to Moffat, but definitely would freshen up the show).

5C James Corden

  1. James Corden (Because he was brilliant as a new dad in two previous episodes)

5D Jim Carter

  1. Jim Carter (Now that Downton Abbey is over, maybe the Doctor is in need of a butler. I feel like a serious stoic person would be so foreign to the Doctor that he simply wouldn’t know what to do with the fellow and hilarity would ensue).


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