2017 Television Premieres we’re excited for coming soon

2017 Television Premieres we’re excited for coming soon We recently wrote about what 2017 films we’re excited to see, so it stands to reason that we should write one...

2017 Television Premieres we’re excited for coming soon

We recently wrote about what 2017 films we’re excited to see, so it stands to reason that we should write one for television programs too – right? Well, that, and also the fact that there are a lot of seemingly great shows premiering in 2017! Here are the ones you’re going to want to put on your watchlist.




The newly-established Archie comic has a modern twist that nobody foresaw as a must-read comic, and yet – it’s currently one of the best books on the shelves. We’re hesitant about this CW channel adaptation, but EP Greg Berlanti has a great track record with comic book adaptations (like mega-hits The Flash and Arrow). Will the Twin Peaks-esque tone work for a PG IP? We’ll have to see.




The first DC TV Universe comedy is worth checking out. Aside from its ties to Batman and Bruce Wayne, the cast is full of geeky icons like Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi. Plus, Vanessa Hudgens in her first leading role of television?  (We’re not counting High School Musical.) Consider us a viewer.


American Gods


No other medium could do Neil Gaiman’s sprawling mythological novel justice.  The Starz adaptation promises to give Shadow Moon’s story all of the attention it deserves, while also adding to the universe in new and exciting ways. With Bryan Fuller at the helm and major actors like Kristin Chenoweth, Gillian Anderson, and Ian McShane, we’re counting down the days until this show premieres.




This promises to be a comic book adaptation like no other. Everything we’ve seen about this show is trippy, twisted, and one hundred percent super. Dan Stevens is going to be our new favorite hero, and we can’t wait.


Iron Fist


This is the Netflix Marvel series we were most confused about, but it sounds like it might be the dark, quirky corner of Hell’s Kitchen.  The reception to early footage at NYCC 2016 was resoundingly positive, and we’re curious to see that footage for ourselves in a few months.


Twin Peaks


Part of the TV nostalgia trend, this new season of Twin Peaks promises to answer all of our questions from the first two seasons. Better re-watch all those episodes now!


The Defenders


All we have are basic character descriptions and some set photos, but we are eagerly awaiting more Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and a team up that will be like no other.


Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek Discovery 111

We might not be happy that we’ll have to get a CBS All Access subscription to watch this show, but it’s a smart move on CBS’ part. This is a series we definitely want to watch. It will feature Star Trek’s first black, non-captain lead and will boldly go where no man has gone before. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)



inhumans marvel

Fans of the Royal Family will be excited to see them premiere in 2017. First, the premiere episodes will air in IMAX theaters, and then the eight episodes will air on ABC in the fall TV season.  We’ve already started to hear inklings of casting news, and yes – we’re excited!

Let us know what Television Premieres your excited for in the comments below?

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