10 Cloverfield Lane a review: Doomsday Preppers Extreme Edition

10 Cloverfield Lane: the worst episode of Doomsday Preppers ever. Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg Written by: Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken, and Damian Chazelle Produced: by Bad Robot Productions Film...

10 Cloverfield Lane: the worst episode of Doomsday Preppers ever.

Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg

Written by: Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken, and Damian Chazelle

Produced: by Bad Robot Productions

Film Score: Bear McCreary

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures


John Goodman-Howard

John Gallagher Jr-Emmett

Mary Elizabeth Winstead-Michelle

Cloverfield 1

Before I get started with this review, I want to talk about the Elephant in the room. People have heard that this movie is a blood relative/spiritual successor to Cloverfield, that this film is not a sequel and both those things are true. Now there are references to Cloverfield if you blink you will miss them, however, do not expect this guy you will be disappointed.

Cloverfield Monster

One of the aspects of this film is that not much is known, and that is the best way to see this movie. See the movie for yourself it is worth your time. Below is our review I am trying to limit spoilers.




The story starts off with Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) packing all of her stuff up and leaving her boyfriend Ben and driving away. As she is driving she is run off the road, when she awakens finds herself in a strange place with an IV in her arm and handcuffed. Eventually, her savior Howard (John Goodman) tells how he found her and brought her into the bunker to save her from a chemical attack.  Later on, we find that another survivor Emmett is also in the bunker(John Gallagher Jr). As the film moves forward, we start to learn that Howard may or may not be telling the truth about what occurred.



The film is directed by first time Director Dan Trachtenberg, who used camera angles and the film score to create a film which that fills you with the feeling claustrophobia and terror. The film is a perfect blend and throwback to the twilight zone/Hitchcock era of films. The direction in this movie is fantastic, and the director does so much with a single location and few actors.


10 Cloverfield Lane family

The Acting in this film is remarkable and astounding each actor gives performances of their Careers. There were two standout performances in the movie John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

John Goodman performance is astonishing, noteworthy and exceptional and the performance of a lifetime. Howard (John Goodman) will have you feeling uncomfortable and questioning his motives and his sanity throughout the film. The viewer has a hard time determining if Howard is a psychopath, conspiracy nut or doomsday prepper or all three. Howard is unhinged and is one of the best things about this movie. He is a complex villain who mixes moments of nurturing his fellow survivors/bunkmates to a menacing psychopath all at any given moment. God forbid the bunkmates don’t appreciate or praise his hospitality or graciousness for allowing them in the bunker. Howard evokes a menace like Kathy Bates in Misery. He is getting well-deserved accolades for this performance.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead‘s performance as Michelle is excellent and outstanding.  Her performance as Michelle allows the character to be smart, wily, emotionally distraught and brave.  When the movie shifts to the second act, she is heroic and courageous and rises to the occasion. If they ever reboot aliens, I hope she is considered for Ripley. More films need Mary Elizabeth Winstead.



 This film was score by Bear McCreary coupled with the acting and direction of the film created a one of a kind experience.The score added to the elements of suspense where the building of the music was complementary to the action on the screen where the music was aiding in the suspense and terror. The film is well-scored and a throwback to the film scores of days forgotten.



This movie is unique and amazing, what sets this movie apart,  is the incredible acting performance of the cast, the direction of  Dan Trachtenberg, who paces the terror and the  Bear McCreary film’s score which combines to create a terrifying psychological thriller a throwback to the old Hitchcock/Twilight Zone shows. This movie will make you feel claustrophobic and intense phycological horror.  There are times I jumped out of my seat, in fact, I witnessed someone get so scared by the psychological terror and with the heightened score spill soda all over themselves.  The film splits into two parts, but both parts make an excellent film. The second act reveals why it is called a spiritual successor to Cloverfield. If you are a fan of Hitchcock twilight zone horror, this film is for you. They don’t make psychological horror films like this anymore. This movie a thinking man’s thriller, and I am glad they allow the audience to make up their conclusions.

Also, the promotion for this film is excellent; I went in not knowing much, and it aided in the film. More films should be marketed this way rather than with trailers which reveal too much.

The Geeked Gods Score 4 out of 5 Stars.



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